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  1. I think I found them with your link. Thank you
  2. Thank you for the repair reference swathdiver. I could not find OemCarAudio on ebay.
  3. I got my first map update back in August and it did not install. I had to have them send another and that did not install. The HERE company knows nothing about the product all they are is a store-front for GM. I was referred to GM by HERE. So I called GM and after what seemed hopeful I found myself connected to a person at the HERE company. So it is just a big circle jerk if you have problems. Nobody at GM and Nobody at the Here company can help. I have now a truck with no gps, weather or map because the map update software corrupted the infotainment system. NEVER buy a map update from GM because they will NOT take any responsibility if things go wrong. I have had the truck at the dealer and spent 145.00 on labor trying to fix this but no luck. 2016 Silverado 2500HD
  4. I bought a map update from Here company that claims to have the genuine GM/Chevrolet map updates. I will NEVER buy another update again form this company. The USB deleted my navigation system and never installed the correct map. The Technical assistance line is just a phone operator reading off a bunch of standard trouble shooting tips. I had to take my truck to the dealer and they could not get the map to install either. The HERE company is not helping and from what I can tell they can't help. They have no technical expertise. I spent 145.00 at the dealer plus the cost of the usb. At that price I could almost buy a completely new infotainment system module.
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