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  1. Hello, any DOT 3 will work, brand is irrelevant. I just flushed mine. Picked up 3qts of synthetic DOT 3 from Autozone at motor trader for $4.50/qt. It's not crazy expensive for good synthetic brake fluid as I sought.
  2. From my experience there is no one fix for any top leak issue. My 1500 has been leaking from day one. Started where the top panels meet at the windshield. Brought it in under warranty multiple times and to replace multiple seals(sometimes the same one more than once) and finally that was fixed. With the fix of that caused the passenger and driver B pillar to start leaking. Sometimes the leak ran across the top of the door seal and water would come out the a pillar. The seals at the B pillar were replaced and the leak continued. After that the above repair manual was used but that only fixed the driver side. Now waiting on seals recommended by a motor trader "expert tech" from out of state. Though my case is extreme compared to a lot of others who replace one seal and never see leaks again. I have seen people on the forum say they tightened the door latch and that helped. Others use foam strips or seal lubes.
  3. I have a 2500 6.0L and a diesel which I buy with wallworktrucks so I see the pros and cons of both. The diesel gets roughly 4-5mpg better and is comfortable towing close to double the weight. That being said the 6.0L can still tow over 10000lbs which is more than enough for most jobs. Both of mine have about 200000km and have been mostly trouble free but repairs on the diesel are more expensive. It also depends how long you intend to keep the truck, the diesel engines average time before a rebuild is 600000km so if taken care of it will last for ever. Finally the diesels extra weight means a lower payload. I love both of my trucks so it would be hard to recommend one, it all depends on your personal needs and preference.
  4. I can give advice personally from myself. I bought a Meyers home plow. I received the plow on time, it was easy to assemble and install, I did it myself. The plow has up and down electric power and manual or automatic angle. Snow cleans well, it is easy to work with it. About this, I received information from a neighbor who works wallworktruck, he suggested how to choose a plow.
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