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  1. Same issue with my 2021 Yukon Denali. Can’t figure out how the heck to get the lines back.
  2. Totally with you. That’s really nice looking. Also looking at a XL Denali. But I do want things like the air suspension and tech in the Denali. Would love to get one like this and option it out this way. Closest I’ve seen is a Yukon XL AT4. The trim is all blacked out and so it approaches this kind of look. This suburban is maybe even better looking though.
  3. Still waiting on this—been sitting in Arlington Texas for a couple weeks. Wonder if it was a victim of the mayfly issue and is still awaiting paint work....
  4. Great question. I honestly don’t know for sure. I was just interested in something different — I have had gray or dark blue cars for years (and I’ve just never been into black or white cars), figured this color would mix it up a bit. But I’m assuming this is the color as shown in this video here — it’s like a hunter green, but maybe more with some grey mixed in, kind of muted?
  5. Will report in on all as soon as I receive it! As to whether I got a good deal, I got a couple thousand off MSRP, not a great deal, but since they’re impossible to find and are leaving the lots the day they arrive around here, I figure it’s probably not bad; I also got a good trade in value on my BMW X7. So, overall felt good about it.
  6. 3M vinyl wrap on Amazon. I’ve done this on other cars and it’s pretty easy. I plan to do the same here.
  7. Hey All, I came out of a 2016 Yukon Denali that I bought preowned and loved; moved to a BMW X7 which is a fantastic car in its own right, but with a big family and dog ended up missing the space and comfort of my Yukon, especially given my long legs. After a hunt through a bunch of local dealerships, finally found the one and plunked down yesterday, it’ll be delivered in a few days. 2021 Yukon XL Denali in Hunter Metallic/walnut interior. Went back and forth a bit between SLT or AT4 or Denali trim, ultimately decided that unique interior in the Denali and the bigger engine were worth the up charge. Also love the grille. Went with Hunter after debating color choice because I think it’ll be such a unique color out on the road — a color that was big back in the 90s or so, but which has since fallen out of style, but lately every now and then I see an Audi Q5 on the road in that color and think “damn, that’s pretty cool.” My second color choice was going to be midnight blue. But this truck truthfully looks great in all colors. Love the design, love the comfort and space. I’m tired of struggling to fine a place to put my phone, or my stuff (or my arm) in my X7. Can’t wait. Will report back with some pics once I have it. Looking forward to the cool mods and upgrades you all will post here...
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