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  1. I just had a transmission failure at 77,000 miles with your setup. Started with a mild sporadic whine and odd feeling shift and then failed completely the following day. After my experience, a coworker took his GMC in to have the tranny checked. The dealer was offering a transmission flush service for about $400 and it came with an additional 30,000 mile warranty for the tranny. Good luck
  2. I was watching the trans temp when the failure occurred and it rose quickly but didn't go above 200F. Yea I inquired about keeping the core for inspection but that would of cost even more $.
  3. The dealership didn't do anything. I told them not to touch it until I got a second opinion. The mechanic I had it towed to is putting in a new transmission.
  4. UPDATE: The day after leaving the dealership, the transmission completely s*** itself. Was driving home from work and all of a sudden, the engine and tranny would no longer engage and felt like I was in neutral. Tried shifting into manual mode and 4x4 but no joy. Weirdly enough, after sitting for about 15 minutes, I tried again and the tranny hooked up long enough to get me about a mile down the road. I repeated this a couple times until I made it to my driveway. Had the truck towed to a local mechanic and his reaction was similar to GM dealership, all new tranny required at cost of $4,700.
  5. Sorry, I realize in my fury, I didn't fully explain. The dealership said the TRANSMISSION is burnt and quoted me $4700 to replace it. I was fully expecting them to tell me it needed a fluid change...
  6. Well I just got a notice from my dealership service dept that the transmission is "burnt" and needs replacement at 77,000 miles! This is the 6 speed behind the 5.3. I told the service rep that this seems unacceptable and she stated that they have had to replace many transmissions in these trucks at similar mileage. This truck has been babied its whole life with only light occasional towing. I took it to the dealership because I noticed a slight "wine" and a slight difference in shift feel. Has anyone else experienced this or had any luck getting a dealership to cover outside of warranty?
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