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  1. After looking at another thread, I found out that even RL UCAs had problems. They say to maintenance UCA every oil change.
  2. RC’s level is 1.5in but it still apparently caused the same issue. I guess replacing the arm is the only way to fix the geometry, but I don’t know for sure. I would like to see someone’s geo with a professionally installed level, see if it’s still the same. Also some Chevy dealers preload a 1in level on their trucks off the lot. Would like to know where they get their kits
  3. From my understanding is that every stock is already stretched, but still good if you keep factory settings on it. You only push it if you plan on leveling, if so the consensus seems to be to replace the arm to fix the geometry. Readylift has a kit that includes the arm.
  4. Was your level professionally installed? And did you do an alignment? Curious because I’m second guessing doing it now..
  5. Did you get it professionally installed, curious because I wanted to do a RC, level but now I’m second guessing... did you do an alignment after installing too?
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