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  1. Perfect, thanks very much. Was driving me crazy trying to figure it out. Appreciate the response.
  2. My 2021 Yukon XL is now in for service because when you push the Start button it continuously cranks but wont turn over... Just another fun issue with this vehicle. It was in my garage and when the tow truck came we couldn't figure out how to put it into neutral without actually starting the car and get it out of the garage. Called the Dealer and they didn't know how to do it if the engine was not running (granted it was a saturday so they ddint have their A-Team working the service department). I likely missed it in the manual, but any advice on how to switch to Neutral when you have power, but can't start the engine?
  3. Most recent update from my GM dealer. Truck was in today to address this issue again. I have also spoken to GM Canada who discussed with the Service Manager at the dealer. Bottom line was, GM apparently knows what the issue is (this was a bit cryptic and they wouldn't tell me what the root cause of the issue is) and that the fix is 2-3 months away. Was told to check back at my next oil change. That's about it.... otherwise, just "deal with it" was the sentiment.
  4. ^ thanks for this info, newdude. Helpful and confirms what my dealer said...
  5. Curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue--just want to get a sense about how prevalent this is. I have a 2021 Yukon Denali and the rear camera works intermittently (about 30 per cent of the time). Dealer had it all day yesterday but couldn't recreate the problem (of course...). When put in reverse we get the same error screen as above. No rhyme or reason as to why. Will stay like that for a few days then works all the sudden and the cycle continues.... Dealer said there were no error codes and basically they can't do anything. After pressuring them, the tech did finally discover that "PIE0592 GM Engineering is attempting to determine the root cause of the above condition. Engineering has a need to gather information vehicle PRIOR to repair that may exhibit this condition. As a result, this information will be used to "root cause" the customer's concern and develop/validate a field fix". As a result, I am SOL until they can figure this out... https://ibb.co/MMnsrnF https://ibb.co/zmMJs7X
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