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  1. That is strange you should get a second opinion at another dealer or a good stereo shop with a good rep. They probably didn’t feel comfortable installing it.
  2. I took mine in and they said they don’t know why it’s doing what it’s doing even GMC had an advisor chime in, they told me there was no software update, since then it’s done it again but the light turns off before I get it to the dealership, I’ve also noticed the transmission shifts harsh sometimes after driving for a while, most noticeably when I shift to reverse, and my radio touchscreen doesn’t acknowledge when I press a selection on the screen once in a while. My truck just broke 5000 miles and I’m hoping this isn’t going to be a problem truck, my 2003 avalanche I owned for 17 years never gave issues or left me stranded that’s why I stuck with GM.
  3. Theres a step by step video on you tube regarding this upgrade, which should help those like me who are planning this upgrade. Just look up kicker sub install on Sierra.
  4. Had this happen today, the fans once in a while would turn on full blast on start up but today it threw the code then it went away, will be taking it in as well. Thanks for the post.
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