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  1. Thanks after 4 days in the shop and two over night battery tests it showed no drain on battery. Second overnight test was done with new battery. My concern is the fluctuations in the voltage gauge, it acts more like an oil pressure gauge ? There saying it’s normal but on cold start gauge reads 16-18 volts and after driving a while it drops to 10-12 volts and then raises to 14 when I come to a stop. Only time will tell. The two pictures show gauge after warm parked and moving?Thanks rich (roch typo)
  2. I have a 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT Z71 5.3 2000 miles that also had dead battery in the morning. Used jumper box to start then drove around the block and returned home and it wouldn’t shut off nothing worked! Got it to the dealer later that day they said it was fix? Check engine light back on before I got Home.Brought it back to the dealer and they had it for four days and couldn’t find anything wrong but changed battery? On the ride home voltage gauge was dropping to 12 while driving then going to 14 at stops? Called dealer and was told that is normal? I think there is an issue with these
  3. Yesterday my 2020 Silverado wouldn’t start called OnStar and dealer. After 10 minutes truck started brought it to the dealer. Error code said fuel pump/wiring? 870 miles, I am pissed! To top it off dealer didn’t have a loaner car or shuttle service, what an F ing joke!
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