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  1. Thanks for the info. Definitely helps w/ the purchase decision!
  2. Ok, thanks Allen. I take it you don't have this truck any more? How did you like the DuraTracs? I've read good/bad. Some even say they are dangerous in the rain! I was also glad to see another truck like mine w/ a bull bar. So many haters who don't like them but I'm a fan and like how it looks on your truck.
  3. Are those GM mud flaps? I think I just saw them listed in GM accessories section of the MyChevrolet app and was curious how they looked.
  4. Hi guys! Been searching for some answers online and found this group/thread. Hoping to get some help from "those who know!" I recently acquired a stock 2017 Silverado 2500HD Midnight Edition w/ 50K miles, whose previous owner replaced the OEM LT275/65R18 Goodyear DuraTracs at some point with LT275/70R18 A/T Adventurers. The tires don't "need" to be replaced yet, but they haven't been rotated regularly, and aren't wearing well IMO. Before I spend $ on an alignment and try to balance the current tires, I'm considering new tires that are snow rated, and perhaps go up in size while I'm at it. After some research of what would fit on the stock rims, I landed on the LT285/75R18 being discussed here. I'm glad to read this upsize has been done by many of you, so my 1st question is, how does this change impact the truck's acceleration, torque, etc? I tow a 10K Travel Trailer and the last thing I want is a noticeable loss of towing capabilities. I've had other gas engine trucks that failed miserably once I started messing w/ tires and making engine/exhaust mods, so I'm hoping the diesel won't blink an eye. Based on what I read about the differences in tire diameters, my speedometer will be off about 5 MPH, so I'm worried about the transmission not shifting correctly, not to mention MPG loss. What about the TPMS? Will there be any issues getting it synced w/ the new tire size? I watch my tire pressures while towing and want to ensure they are correct. Any insight to these concerns would be appreciated. TIA
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