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  1. Yes. This pic below is from a buddy that has a 2020 3500hd denali. Converted to the 6th seat all leather. Has storage top and bottom including all the accessories behind it. The woofer was mounted under the rear seats. Woofer can be abandoned as well with no issues to sound system. The seat is from a 2019/2020 which is the new style so it was just a simple bolts out and back in. No welding no issues. Simple swap. I have a 2021 3500hd denali that I am looking to do the same to. If someone wants to swap me for their jumper seat that has storage top and bottom including the 2 usb and air vents in the back let me know. I have the jet black leather interior.
  2. It will work. My buddy bought a 2020 sierra 3500hd denali with the console. Had it swapped out with a jump seat and the woofer was just remounted under the rear seats and all other electronics and air vents were left untouched. If someone wants to make a trade I would love to do it. I just bought a 2021 3500hd denali with the jet black interior. I need the 6th seat so I would be willing to trade or purchase your jump seat.
  3. I have a 2021 gmc 3500hd denali on order and I want the 6th seat! If anyone has the center jumper they want to trade or I will purchase then let me know! I am looking for one that has storage under the arm and seat, has the 2 usb and 12 volt in the back along with the air vents. Jet black leather for the entire thing is preferred to match my interior.
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