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  1. There is another forum on here that deals with the exact same problem but they posted video on how to fix it and a GM tag rep saw it and commented the same reply that they put at the beginning of this one and in the video it tells you what the problem is and it is a grounding issue on G214 or G215 but they are the grounds for your dash speakers
  2. Same here bud but I have a 2014 SIERRA and I missed a college class that I can’t make up and the professor gave a lecture over a essay I have to write and now I don’t know what he’s looking for in the essay and it took the vehicle roughly an hour and a half to even begin thinking about turning back on
  3. I am really tired of this happening and it’s happened twice just today luckily both times the truck decided to automatically start back up while I was driving 75+ down a couple highways with 18 wheelers behind me but I’m just curious what would’ve happened If the truck didn’t start back up just like yesterday when I pulled into the parking lot of my local college and missed my class because of it
  4. I have been having the same issue and I went back to the dealership time and time again and they didn’t put anything in the system and I went there AGAIN today just so they can get it fixed and they told me pretty much to **** off
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