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  1. Unfortunately I have the Custom Trailboss so it doesn’t have that option.
  2. Hey team, I recently used an Add a Circuit to tap into passenger fort fuse box to give power to an LED strip, now my heat/ac panel won’t work, I have no heat and it’s freezing up here. I’ve removed the add a circuit and replaced the original fuse (fuse is fine), and disconnected battery for 45 mi s to reset, but the panel is still not working. Any ideas if there is a circuit breaker to flip, or an internal hood fuse to check to reset this? help appreciated!
  3. Thanks that is helpful! Did you have to use a special level kit for the trailboss? I’ve read of some wearing out the ball joints etc pretty quick if they just got the level kit for chevs without the trailboss lift.
  4. Just wondering if anyone with the trailboss 2” suspension lift that comes standard has been able to run 9” rims with a -12 offset with 295/70/18 tires and not have much rub? I just ordered the rims to get some poke after putting on fender flares, I’m thinking I’ll get almost 2” with the new set up opposed to the current duratracs tires (275/65/18) and 8.5” factory rims...but it will still just come flush... hoping to get a little bit of poke and a slightly taller tire. Can anyone help?
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