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  1. Here is a complete warmup from start. Skip to 33:17 to get to closed loop.
  2. Thank you for replying. First thing I should mention is this screen shot was from a restart after warmed up. I had tried recording the whole warmup cycle but tuner pro crashed and didn't save. I used all ac delco sensors and the o2 sensor does fluctuate up and down like in your video but being in open loop, it shouldn't be using the o2 sensor signal. Even after it changes to closed loop the block learn multiplier is between 90 and 109 the 2 separate times I pulled the live data. It is the same block its learning from both times at idle and it will only switch blocks if I rev the engine. I was
  3. I was wondering if there is someone that can help me with this truck. It has a rebuilt s&j engine (5.7l 4 bolt main) that I have been fighting to get running well. It has had all new sensors put on it except one thing to note is I received a bad engine with a cracked block installed the first go around and it was ran for a day to work and then next day back to the mechanic so it may have affected the new o2 sensor put on the good engine but I'm not sure. Well this 2nd engine runs really rough when its cold out and the colder it is, the rougher it runs. It takes like 5 to 8 revolutions be
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