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  1. Good Morning, I recently had to pay over $500.00 to correct a leak on my 2017 GMC Denali. After a rain storm, I found water dripping in the interior of my GMC, down the driver's side frame/support at the front window and the driver's side door. I found out that the water was coming from the Shark style antenna mounted on the roof, over the driver's side of the GMC. I was told by the GMC technician that the problem was a leak/weep gap was facing towards the rear of the vehicle and slanted up. This allowed for water to leak into the antenna housing, but had no way out - so it found a path i
  2. I just spent over $500.00 to replace a water damaged antenna on my 2017 GMC Denali. Got in the Denali after a storm and had water dripping down the driver side post at the headliner. GMC sent out a bulletin (Document ID: 4828810) to its Dealers notifying them of an issue with the orientation of the water gap on the gasket used to seal the the Shark Roof antenna which allows water to "weep" away from under the antenna where it sits on the roof. The bulletin identified vehicles from 2015 to 2018 having this issue - significant number of vehicles. This gap faces the rear
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