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  1. I will be using a diode. i appreciate the response!
  2. Hi! Is this pretty simple? I am dumber than a plank when it comes to anything with wires.
  3. I appreciate the response. I also noticed a big chunk of plastic now missing from my door panel. But i have no way about diagnosing any further than i have.
  4. Hello everyone, i hope you are enjoying your memorial day weekend! I am not now lol. SO. I have a 2016 Silverado. I got the two front windows tinted yesterday. Drove 5 miles home parked it. Today i got in it, and the radio is completely dead. So, i went right to google. I did all the usual, checked the fuses and the HMI module behind the glove box. Nothing worked. I opened the door got out and got right back to grab something and the radio was magically on. Turned it off, got dinner, started the truck and the radio was back to being dead. (side note: when i open the door the little Chevy emblem does not show up on the cluster display or radio). So i am basically assuming whatever in the door communicates with the radio is not communicating properly. But, i am having a hard time understanding how getting my windows tinted would have caused this. UNLESS they took the door panels off but they had it done pretty quickly so im not sure. I could not find the exact same issue i am having online. AND TRUST ME this has been my whole Saturday lol. Any suggestions would be great, thank you.
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