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  1. Weird, I get exactly what you are describing with the auto start/stop function working. When I turn it off I still get a slight bump, I just assumed it was the big AT tires shifting slightly or something. The bump is noticeably more forceful when the auto stop/start is activated though.
  2. Update, dealer said the master cylinder is losing pressure, so that will need replaced. They are letting me have the truck back saying it's no issue as far as driving safely. Is this true lol nervously?
  3. Yep got an appointment on the 3rd. Reading about similar issues for the 2018 to 2019 has me a little worried, but all I can do is take it to the dealer and have em look at it. I'll just pray that it isn't some part that is a month away lol. I'm winning the new car lottery though. I just traded in my 2016 SS that had the 8 speed rumble strip issue since the beginning of 2016 that they couldn't permanently fix.
  4. Got this notification earlier tonight. Didn't lose brakes this time, but got that message on the dash then onstar email stating the following: An issue with the Antilock Braking System in your 2021 Chevrolet Silverado has been detected. Please service your vehicle within 7 days. Please disregard this message if your vehicle is already in for service. Inaccurate notifications can be generated during service. Please see your dealer for service. Any others out there with similar issue or thoughts on this issue? Kinda bummed given this truck was rare with the 6.2 in steel metallic grey. Dealer said I was the last 2021 in the US that had the 6.2 with safety and that weird tailgate.
  5. Thank you, that helps a lot. So if I'm not getting at least the plus then the difference really is just 1". That's good to know, because it is very hard here around Columbus, Ohio to find a 6.2 configured with some other comforts in the higher 40 to lower 50 range.
  6. Looking to see if any of you know the differences in the screens are other than the obvious 1" size difference. I'm looking to get a Silverado, coming from a Camaro with the bigger screen. Wondering if there are functionality, software, or option differences with the screens.
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