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  1. How did you go about redeeming the points? When I try through the website, it says "You do not have sufficient points to apply to this purchase" and does not allow me to even get a discount corresponding to the points I have accrued.
  2. For those who may still be interested, the site (ordered from rangetechnology) still says to allow 1-2 weeks due to demand. However, mine came pretty fast. Ordered late Tuesday, shipped Thursday, arrived Friday. Hardly sounds like a backlog, but maybe I just got lucky.
  3. Has that improved much for you? I'm not getting as low MPG as you, one month into ownership, but at 11 mpg, I'm getting significantly less than what I'm seeing most people post. I drive slow like a granny, so it seems wrong.
  4. Through the end of this month, the official GMC and Chevrolet accessories pages show a discount of up to 20% off. Is that a fairly common deal, or is it a rare thing? Background: I bought a Sierra AT4 1500 just a month ago after having sold my last truck 9 years ago. I'm considering the Borla exhaust kit because 20% off of $1700 seems like a killer deal. I just wasn't ready to spend that much quite yet, unless it's too good a deal to turn away or won't come back around fairly soon. Also, I like the idea of buying from GM and having it dealer installed so there's no room for them to question warranty status later on. TIA
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