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  1. It's possible. I only notice the popping noise on really warm days. I looked at it this morning and it seems to have plenty of room, but it is only 82 degrees right now. I'll check again this afternoon. Thanks.
  2. I got my truck back and so far it has been through two torrential downpours with no leaks. From what I can see they did a decent job of applying the sealant. I had no paint scratches or scratches on the interior trim, so I'm pretty happy about that. The only issue is now I can occasionally hear a "pop" noise from the back of the cab while driving. I assume it's the spoiler, because it seems to be coming from outside.
  3. Well, add me to the list. My truck is a 2020 Sierra SLT 6.2 crew cab with 23,000 miles (purchased in February, 2020). I dropped if off at the dealership this morning for the first round of attempting to seal the back glass. Fingers crossed for no scratched trim pieces. My OCD won't be able to take it.
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