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  1. 6 days after tightening the fuse box bolts it did it again. Key fob start after sitting all day.
  2. Maybe. But I don't think that explains the key fob start failures.
  3. Happened again at 1,600 miles. Tightened the fuse box bolts to 53 in-lbs yesterday (all four needed tightened). We'll see what happens.
  4. This makes sense with what we have seen in this thread. Not sure if this makes sense, but if the problem was mechanical, say the exciter wheel for example, would we not see more frequent reoccurrences? Not every couple hundred miles and a number of starts in between as commonly reported here.
  5. 2021 GMC Elevation 3.0 Duramax. Same issue has happened twice now (1,000 miles on the truck). First time at 600 miles (push button start) and most recently at 1,000 miles (key fob start). Frustrating because otherwise the truck is great. It would be nice to see more feedback from GM.
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