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  1. I know which wire on the truck to use for power what I don't know is which wire on the camera plug is power. Either the wire color or pin number? Due to the frame I can't get to the plug on the truck to test. Can't take the mod off cause can't get to both bolts. So I need to know on the actual plug the pin number or wire color. Thank you!
  2. And if I do tap the reverse lights which of the six wires do I use?
  3. I had an electrician test it an you are right. No power. Which leads me to think it's not prewired at all. So anyone have any idea what wire harness I need? And where to plug it into?
  4. 2014 silverado new body style wt quad cab I upgraded to io6 from io4 with the 8 inch screen. I added a back up camera. I had WAMS update my hmi. Now I have a black screen with directional lines and the ECU says I have an open line error. error codes B101E, B127B, U15F0-00 from the module could the truck not been fully wired? The dealer was no help on that, just error codes. I have a 6 pin plug in the rear mod and the grey and yellow striped wire and white wire is there, but i do not know where they end up. I lose them in my search. I have had issues finding a schematic to help, the wrong year, the wrong model is easy to find. I need a back up camera. please.
  5. 2014 silverado wt radio and hmi upgraded to i06 This truck never had a back up camera. Upgraded from i04 to i06 via hmi. installed proper back up camera in tailgate, plugged in to RC port. BUT The error from the ecu indicate that the line is open. So, my thought is that the wiring is not there. I was told if the grey and yellow wire are there its there, but even if it is from the back to front, it might not be across the front to the unit. I was temped to use a harness that would plug into that plug and add a simple rca add. So I have a black screen with directional lines that work. Then it goes black and days service required. I took it to the dealer, they want 1200 to do it all. uh, no. I need a simple solution. help guys. please.
  6. working on that. i am slow to understand so i hope they are patient with me.
  7. I am sorry after going through your site I am still unsure as to what I need to order to do what I want done. I have a 14 silverado wt crew cab that was an I04 with 4" screen, connectivity, xm and back up camera. I bought an 8" screen, and a radio with xm that came out of the same truck, I06. I then bought an hmi that is an I06 but a 2.0. I know that I have to have the radio and hmi reprogrammed. But I do not want AA or apple junk, I just want to have handsfree calls, back up camera, radio and my cd player to work. I do not use pandora and such. I do not see the advantage of a 2.5, speed is not an issue for me. Nor can I find a 2.5 that shows that it will work in my truck. I do not know what programming to order other than vin. Please advise a middle aged person. My part numbers are below. Please direct me. Radio Module Interface 23176319 8" screen (had 4") Radio. Module 13592804 I04 change to 13592804 with I06 CD Player 13590747 HMI 2.0 23428003 I04 change to 2.0 23443747 IO6
  8. I have a 2014 Silverado WT quad cab, last part of the year production, I04, with 4" screen, with my link, XM and cd, with backup camera and connectivity, hmi is 2.0. I misunderstood what I was told so I got an 8" screen. I did get the right one for my yr and radio. So now the screen is black, radio works. So how do I get my current HMI upgraded to a I05? I have no use for anything except the radio, camera and being able to talk handsfree on the phone. I JUST WANT THE SAME THING except the bigger screen to work. I have looked at CarPlay and Coastal sites, I simply do not understand. I looked up 2.5 hmi, I can't find one that supposedly works for my truck...the parts places say not compatible. One says go to dealer, another says avoid, I thought about getting an hmi thats already an Io5 that is the same part number and getting the vin updated....HELP ME PLEASE. I live in a farm area, there are NO audio places here. Current parts: HMI Part Number: 23266017 2.0 Radio Control Part Number: 13592804 I04 ---But I also have a I06 SAME part number different vin Radio Module Interface 23176319 8" screen
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