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  1. So I thought the 10-speed transmission was a sealed system, so I would have to syphon the tranny fluid from the fill port, but crawling under I see this screw. When I google 24288491, the Pan part number, I can’t tell if this screw is the drain plug or not. Does anyone know?
  2. Old post, but i actually have a solution.... Get an Apple official battery case. The back is narrower and will allow the phone to fit on the charging bad. Works for me no problems.
  3. Love Amsoil, i wonder if the dealership would even use that or if they would say they have to use Dexron. Maybe i'm better off bringing it to an independent shop.
  4. thank you for your feedback. You don’t happen to know the GM part for that filter, do you? I want to give them that and ensure they use the correct ATF. Thank you!
  5. I made an appointment to have the transmission fluid changed in my 2018 Yukon XL Denali with the 10-speed and the service department is telling me I do not change the filter because its metal. Is this true or should that be changed as well? I am at 50k miles. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. Hi everyone, I have a quick question. I am hoping to change my transmission fluid and filter on my Yukon XL, but all of the videos I can find on YouTube are walkthroughs for the 8-speed transmissions, I can’t find anything for the 10-speed. Does anyone know if the process is the same or if not does anyone have a walkthrough or video? if someone could help it would be much appreciated. thank you!
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