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  1. So after 3 years I upgraded from the iphone X to the 12 Max and it wont fit in the center console on the wireless charging pad on the center console. The phone is too wide, even with out of the case. Has anyone performed a mod or know of a mod that can be done to remedy this? Thnx!
  2. I have a 2018 Yukon Denali that I would like to install additional lighting, has anyone done a behind the grill LED light light bar or lower bumper LED light bar? Or converted their fog lights to driving lights? I just cant seem to find any info or pictures online. Thx
  3. Can anyone tell me where to find the fuse for the 120v house outlet in the back of the console. We tried plugging multiple low power devices - iphone chargers etc and it will not power anything. Its for a 2016 Yukon XL Denali Thank you
  4. My Denali has the Magnetic Ride suspension. Are you saying the 20 and 22's would feel the same or would you lose comfort with the 22's
  5. I have a 2016 Yukon XL Denali with stock 20" wheels. I see newer models with 22". If I was to upgrade to 22" GMC stock wheels/tire size would that decrease the ride comfort? Is there a different suspension tune/set up on the new models to come stock with 22"?
  6. I would add. My reason is that I put my German Shepherd in the back, uncrated. Sometimes I just want to be able to lower the seats while I’m driving.
  7. Is there any mod to add the ability to fold down the rear seats from the front>
  8. Hello all! I just bought a 2017 Yukon XL Denali and I am loving it. My last Yukon XL was 2001 that I got in '03 and I held on to it for 10 years. I am glad to in the big 'Ol Yukon again. The dealer only gave me one key, I just bought a new one online and had no problems programming it. Although it programmed the key as #3. Which got me to thinking, how can I tell if the old key is #1 or #2 and how can I delete them all and start over so that there is isn't a working key floating around somewhere? Thank you all
  9. I bought Yukon used with only one key, before I add the new key i just bought is there a way to find out if the key I have is key #1 or key #2? Is there a way to delete keys?
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