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  1. Hi Jim, yes it seems to be coming from drivers side, but it’s hard to tell if it’s at the foot level. also, I replaced factory muffler with a magna-flow muffler so it has no flapper now, not sure if that makes a difference, thanks Jim! Chat soon!
  2. I’m driving a 2018 Sierra, 6.2 with about 45,000 miles and running premium fuel since new. more noticeable when i lean into the throttle as I pull onto the highway, under load too, when pulling my travel trailer and speed up a little. it almost seems like the timing is off a bit, not much more I can tell you. thanks.
  3. I’m getting a noise from my 6.2 Sierra that sounds like a bad lifter or ‘pre-ignition’ it’s more noticeable at highway speed. is this a common problem with 6.2? thanks in advance!
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