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  1. Great color and perfect wheel choice. Looks like you dropped the rim size from 20 to 18" like I did.
  2. Nice work, it's inspired me to do the same. Can you tell me why dropping the console is necessary? Seems mounting the sunglass holder could be done with just the new hole that's been cut through.
  3. Looking to add a front hitch receiver but hoping to find one that doesn't set below the bumper but rather requires being cut through the bumper. Picture shows the Curt model which I think is too low for both aesthetics and function.
  4. Beautiful truck! What make front bumper and how much lift?
  5. How about this then, whats the largest tire that will fit the 2019 Silverado with stock 20in rims and a 2" lift?
  6. If anything I'd want a rim that sticks out a bit more than OEM. Back-set and off-set aside, if I go outward then I would have a better chance of clearing the caliper, right?
  7. Hey all. I just bought my first Chevy yesterday, A 2019 Silverado 1500 RST Z71 with 39K miles and a 2" factory lift. I have one burning question about the factory wheels. I've never been a fan of tall rims and skinny sidewalls on off road trucks and I'd like to remedy that. The truck came with OEM 20x9in rims and I'd like to run with 18's. Any experience with clearance of brake calipers or other reasons not to size down? My tire size choice, provided the 18's work, would be 285/70/18. Thanks for any input. (picture is before I had dealer install lift)
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