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  1. A replacement handle cover is $40. Drill a couple 1" holes in it so you can manipulate the levers.
  2. @steelerdude15 I also forgot, it could be an excessively dirty intake butterfly? My truck was used on lease roads in Texas. The dust was so thick in the interior I had to use rubbing alcohol to get it off the plastic. I will take that apart today to see.
  3. Hello All, Problem: The idle feels like it bogs down when rolling to a stop, and applying the brakes firmly. (that last 10 feet of braking) I believe it may be when cold only. Background: I bought a used 2018 Silverado 1500 double cab LS 4x4 with 100,000 miles. I drove it without issue for a few months, and then started doing the 100k miles services myself. So far I have changed the oil, the differential fluids, the trans fluid, and transfer case fluid. I have not yet changed the spark plugs. I saw online that it might be the Idle Air Controller? If that is the case should I purchase a scanner to see if there are air/fuel mixture codes? It is also possible that this is not a flaw and just a random hiccup.
  4. Unfortunately those two fuses seem to be okay. I got another weird issue so I think I need to purchase a scanner.
  5. I will check those fuses first thing in the morning. It only rains once every 6 months here so its usually not an issue, but the tires were waaaaaay too easy to spin today. I have not lit them up and kept em spinning to see if something kicks in later. I will try tomorrow.
  6. Hello all, apologies if this is in the wrong area. I bought a 2018 1500 LS double cab 4x4 used. I noticed I have no traction control on the rear wheels yet no lights are lit on the dash. I can cycle the stuff off and on by pressing the button, but when the lights are off traction control still doesn't seem to be working. Do I need to try a scanner?
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