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  1. Yeah, fuses were all good. Where do I find a diagram like that? I have a fluke multimeter I use for work on HVAC service, how do I determine if it's a ground or power issue?
  2. Forgive me if the is the wrong place, I don't know the etiquette of a forum. I recently replaced my fuel pump by removing the box/bed of the truck. We unplugged the 4 connectors on the block by the hitch, and we picked up and moved the box back. We noticed there was a wire strained taught (we don't know which wire it was) and we realized the connector for the trailer plight was still connected. When we got everything back together, we noticed I had no brake lights, even the third on the cab. All other lights work fine, even the same bulb that the brake lights are one. Does anyone have any idea on where I should look first.
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