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  1. Thanks a ton for the input! Things are all put back together, properly torqued and running. I did all new lifters and kept the AFM. I figured if the factory setup made it 200k + miles, hopefully the new lifters etc will make it close to that again. Couple of notes on the reassembly... First, the tty head bolts were a little tricky. The new bolts came pre-locktighted. Threads were cleaned in the block. Initial torque of 22lbs was barely enough to seat some of the bolts. No, I didn't cross thread any of them... So with 90deg for round two, and 70deg for round three, I could feel a tremendous difference in torque needed to get the last 70 degrees. Some felt obsurdly tight, and others not so much. With that said, they didn't all get the same degrees of torque. Ultimately, I am confident that all were torqued enough, and a few didn't get all of the last 70 degrees. Any advice on that for next time? Second, it took about three full minutes for all the lifters to pump up to quiet. With great oil pressure... That had me pretty scared! Once quiet, they have stayed quiet. I have a few hundred miles on it now, running flawlessly. Any thoughts on all that? Thanks again to those who helped!!
  2. Hi all. New to the forum. I joined because of the wealth of information pertaining to the stuck AFM lifter issue on the L94 6.2l. While idling through a parking lot Friday, my engine started ticking, and quickly became a loud banging. I made it home (approx. 8mi) with good oil pressure and normal coolant temp. Upon disassembly, found the #4 exhaust lifter (AFM) stuck. Cam looks beautiful still. Vlom filter has been replaced within the last 6 months. I have new lifters (all 16), GM lifter guides, valve lifter oil manifold, gaskets and bolts on the way. My question here is about the oddly clean #4 cylinder. See pic. All other pistons/cylinders have some carbon build up. But the cylinder with the bad lifter is super shiny and clean. Does anybody have any thoughts on why this would be? For what it's worth, most of the valve lifter oil manifold bolts were barely finger tight. No obd2 codes. The car seemed to drive properly before the lifter issue, with an occasional minor hesitation when first accelerating from a stop. No oil consumption.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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