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  1. Good evening all, My Tahoe was a K9 unit, ordered with the "rear window control delete" option. I removed the door panels/ cage bars from the doors tonight to eliminate the blind spot from them, and discovered some interesting stuff. The rear door latch/ handle cables were tucked into the door panels. The passenger side has a door popper to let the K9 officer out of the car remotely. The power window switches were zip tied inside the door shells, still plugged into the wiring. They didn't work with the key on (and the child locks weren't on). Anyone have any experience with these? Do I need to program the BCM to make the rear windows work? thanks! Ed
  2. Evening folks. Has anyone tried the Caddy Escalade "suede" door panels as an upgrade for the base Tahoe/ Suburban ones? I'd imagine they would fit ok? Thanks! Ed
  3. What a great thread, time to bring it back from the dead. In my 2015 Police Tahoe, what's the latest/ greatest preferred combination of parts to have the upgraded cluster, working steering wheel controls, and a larger display with Apple carplay in the dash?
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