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  1. Neat. I wonder why they didnt take it out with the rest of the system.
  2. I know nobody but the previous owner could tell me what the switch was for. I was hoping someone would recognize what that thing is in the picture. I find it odd that an aftermarket product is in 2 trucks I use frequently, but I cant find any trace of online.
  3. A microphone or some form of sensor was what I thought it was at first.
  4. After looking into it a little more I'm even more confused. I thought it was a sensor of some kind. But it is just contacts. The middle piece of metal is connected to the grey wire and the ring is connected to the black wire. It's only 22 guage wire, so it cant pass that much current. I've been searching for hours and cant find anything.
  5. I bought this truck a few months ago. There was a toggle switch on the dash under the steering wheel that didnt seem to do anything. I finally got around to disassemble the dash today only to discover that the switch switched a ground that had been cut. That wasnt the only thing that was cut either. Their are two fused splices in the ignition harness and two wires that goes to this little silver thing above the ashtray. My bosses truck has the same thing in the same spot so I thought it was stock. I will likely never know what was going on with the toggle switch and ignition harness, but that other thing is going to bug me. Any ideas what it could be?
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