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  1. So a little update. After replacing that one burnt ground (I did go back in and fix it better so it has a good connection) as well as the battery to frame and block to firewall, im still having the same issues. I won't be messing with it anymore. I know when things are out of my league, so ill be having my mechanic chase this down. Thank you for all your help and advice.
  2. No its not melted inside the harness, I was able to get some clean wire but couldn't get much wire out to work with. Im short and the truck is lifted lol. Beverly Mass is about an hour n a half away, I'm in Athol Mass. I havent scanned the BCM, I honestly didn't know you can. Ive pretty new at trying to fix things on my own. Do you need a special scan tool for that or will a regular one work?
  3. Yeah I did just change it n everything is still the same
  4. Ahhhhh ok, lol, I thought it was SOMETHING like that, but wasn't sure. Thank you. Im about to re-do that one ground in the picture. Hopefully this works
  5. What is FURBAR? I'm still new to the lingo lol
  6. Thank you for the response. Ill get that from ALLDATA and see what I can find. Oh n that wire in the picture, that was supposed to be insulated, my engine had a small fire near one of the injectors, so im guessing that's how it melted. How would I go about replacing that one tho, as it comes out from inside that wiring harness? Would I just cut that open, find a good clean part and go from there?
  7. I've been having some odd electrical issues with my 04 Tahoe for a few months now. It started with my remote start not working intermittently (especially when its cold) then I randomly hear bass coming from my subs when there's no music on and volume at zero (stops when stero is shut off) then my rear doors stopped unlocking with the power switch or fob, they auto lock when I shift to drive, but won't unlock. Now my check engine light is giving a P0141 code, 02 senor. I changed the sensor, next day same code, I changed it again, thinking it mightve been defective, but again same code. Im at a complete loss. Someone mentioned a bad ground, but theres like a bunch of different grounds, how would I figure this out? It all seemed to start happening a month or so (with the remote start) after I had my engine changed. This is a picture of one wire I found that seems like it could be bad, but I have no idea what it goes to. Its located off a wiring harness in the back pass side of the engine n feels like its bolted to the engine
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