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  1. I'll also point out the same website I linked in the previous post has a technical bulletin related to turn signals not functioning if you have your fog lights on. There is a fix discussed on the website. I have fog lights but don't know that I've ever actually turned them on so I can't say it's a problem for me yet.
  2. Looks like I found my own answer. Those that have this system likely know you can access a menu to turn on your cameras while driving by holding the "Back" button on the radio. Once you get there there are two additional menus. One is the button on the top right of the screen and then once in that menu the second is through performing a long hold on the lock at the bottom right of the screen. It allows a few different options such as making the side cameras function even if you don't have a trailer connected. It's all explained much better than I can in the installation guide FCTP-GM1903 User Guide found at Intellihaul 2.0 Trailering Camera for Silverado and Sierra Trucks (echomaster.com)
  3. Can you provide a brief explanation on how to access the settings? I'd like to see what is available.
  4. For those asking I have the IOS radio. The truck itself is a 2022 Chevy 2500 LT (All Star Package) Duramax. Also worth pointing out is GMC4Zee mentioned that the side mirrors only work while hooked to a trailer but that is not true in my case. My side mirrors function all the time and the front camera attempts to function all the time as well. Currently I don't have the front camera so it is a black screen only.
  5. I have this setup on my 22 Silverado HD 2500. So far I think the turn signal mirrors are excellent but I'm not overly impressed with the trailer back up camera. It was nice going down the highway to take a peek at what's behind me when/if I needed to change lanes but when I got to my campsite and put the truck in reverse to back in the truck back up camera came on and I couldn't override it to make the trailer camera come on. Maybe it's installed incorrectly IDK. But if the trailer backup camera portion doesn't work I would not recommend purchasing again. I'm going in this month to get the front camera added though. In for a penny in for a pound at this point right? Front camera seems useful for parking situations.
  6. That was an option we discussed when I picked my truck up but the version of 0% that was available at the moment was only for 3 years. I needed a longer term. I did use the $500 military rebate but that may be a special case. The real answer is really research the details of the terms. If you have a great dealer they won't leave any benefits unused. For example I didn't know for my case being military also significantly reduced my title paperwork fee. That was a nice surprise.
  7. I played with the functions a bit more last night and did the following: While driving with the radio playing and using Androidauto google maps feature I held the back button for 3 seconds to engage the camera functions screen. It provides a way to access any of the attached cameras along with some split screen options. I choose to view both side mirrors and the trailer mirror (the trailer mirror showed a black screen with a warning message since it is not yet installed). This camera selection stayed on non stop during my entire trip (about a 15 min ride) with the following exception. If I used my left or right turn signal the function switched to that camera specifically while that signal was active and then switched back to the split screen view I previously selected. Unfortunately his blocks up the ability to see the map feature but I still received audio prompts telling me where my turns were. Also this blocked my ability to use the screen to change radio stations but I could still use voice commands to change stations. All in all pretty cool functions test. In real world application I would likely leave just the rear camera on while towing my camper trailer and not use the split screen but it's nice to know it's there if I want to.
  8. Another important compatibility issue I didn't mention is the IntelliHaul 2.0 Trailering Camera System is only compatible with the IOS and IOT touchscreen radios. The install manual also says Silverado/Sierra Heavy Duty Trucks 2020-Present
  9. 1st I can't answer exactly because I do not have an iphone to test applecarplay but I do regularly use androidauto so I would assume they work the same as far as the camera functioning. And yes I have had androidauto connected and running a podcast while google maps is active. Google maps will speak while pausing the podcast and then the podcast will resume with no issues. All the while this normal android auto functions are going on my cameras does function when I turn on the left or right turn signal. As far as the front camera I assume it will work as well but I cannot be sure as I have not yet ordered or installed that camera. As I mentioned above I do get a black screen (with warning message) attempting to engage the front camera while I'm in drive under the designated speed limit. I have had this black screen engage while androidauto is in use. Therefore I would assume the camera would function if there was one installed. The duration lasts only as long as the turn signal is active for the side cameras and the front camera goes from black screen as mentioned before to normal radio as soon as I get above the designated speed limit. As far as I know you cannot just activate the side or front camera quickly while driving without using the turn signals or being under the speed limit in drive BUT my understanding is if you connected to a trailer then you are supposed to be able to activate the rear camera in two ways: 1 if you put the vehicle in reverse it is automatic; 2 while driving there is supposed to be a way to turn on the camera and the view should be wide enough to ensure it is safe to change lanes. The while driving rear camera function is the main reason I ordered the system. I'll definitely update that function once I have the rear camera installed. Lastly there is a back door way to turn the camera on without using turn signals, slow speed, or reverse. If you hold the "Back" button for 3 seconds a warning screen will show on the radio screen. It's a safety message. Press okay to proceed to on screen options to engage whichever camera you choose. This may be the way to use these cameras while driving but I have not yet tried that option. I will try it today and attempt to report later tonight.
  10. Just a follow on for those interested. The dealer ordered my IntelliHaul 2.0 Trailering Camera System by EchoMaster at the time of purchase and was able to get it less than a week later. I delayed the install another week due to a trip I planned. I dropped my truck off on a Monday morning and picked it up Tuesday at 5pm. The dealer said the install was "interesting". It was the 1st they completed but everything seems to have went well and I didn't find any damaged panels or wires hanging etc. Seems to be a professional install job. I would note that this system includes a wireless camera that is to be mounted on the back of my travel trailer. My dealership offered to mount that as part of the install but I declined. I'd prefer to either do that part myself or take it to my travel trailer dealer. Functionally now I have a left or right side camera view with a safety banner stating to check my surrounding area that shows up on the radio display when I turn on the corresponding turn signal. This functions even though the trailer is not plugged in. The cameras have a certain level of adjustment that is completed by having the truck running with the appropriate camera activated. Then, using your finger on the radio display, complete a long hold (just like using a cell phone and moving icons) and then drag the screen around to where you want it. I also get a black screen with a the same safety banner when I 1st put the truck in Drive. The black screen stays until your MPH gets above the set limit. I don't really know the limit, maybe 2- 3 mph. This feature would activate a front camera which I did not order. It would be nice if I could disable the black screen due to not having that camera yet but I think I will likely add this camera soon as it is reasonably cheap and seems helpful to watch closing distance while parking and accidental things left in front of my truck by my kids etc. Here are my nit-picky annoyances with the system. If I'm honest the side cameras are a neat feature but only duplicate the same view of the lower mirror of the towing mirrors. The side cameras don't really give you a new view. The front camera is not included at the base cost (I knew this and bought it anyway). Last I usually make adjustments to my radio while at stop lights. I tend to switch through stations etc. My radio display is now black (with the safety banner) blocking the functions of the radio due to being in Drive and under the speed limit. You can switch back off the black screen (camera view if you have that camera) by hitting the home button on the radio. So just annoying to hit an extra button. The last is just a word of warning for others ordering the system. The dealership kept calling this the "Invisi-trailer system". I'm not even sure what the actual invisible trailer setup is called but this is NOT that system. That system is limited to a specific truck package and is hard-wired to a connector by the license plate. This camera system is limited by the radio but again is NOT the invisible trailer. This version is a wireless rear camera. I was very concerned the wrong parts would be ordered due to the confusion. Everything worked out great for me but just something to keep in mind because of the two similar systems. Last I have not yet installed the back up camera but will for my next camping trip in May. I'll try to remember to update this post then as the trailer camera is the real reason I bought the system. I'll hold my opinion of if the system is worth the cost until I try the trailer camera portion.
  11. So surprise of the century my 2500 Duramax indeed showed up before the end of Truck Month. I ordered the IntelliHaul 2.0 Trailering Camera System by EchoMaster and it came in last week while I was out of town. Dropped the truck at the dealer today for installation. Should be back in my driveway in a couple of days. They say the install doesn't look bad but it is just the 1st they have ever done so they wanted to budget some extra time to get it right. If I remember I'll update this thread after my next camping trip where I'll get to put it through it's paces.
  12. I'm curious what everyone is leaning towards to use there $1000 on for truck month? Let's leave aside that very few of us may actually get our trucks during this promotion. I'm stuck in shipping limbo somewhere myself. I figure a little cross talk will help us all be better prepared if one of our trucks actually shows up. My HD will primarily be for towing my camper trailer so I'm leaning towards the IntelliHaul 2.0 Trailering Camera System by EchoMaster.
  13. Good call on the that brand of grease. There are lots of options but that is a solid choice. If you are in the area you should also take a good look at the rubber boots on the caliper pins. Make sure they are still reasonably pliable and not torn etc. If torn the grease can escape and contaminants can get in. They make replacement kits if you have an issue.
  14. If the rotor was worn unevenly then that suggests a stuck brake pad? I usually go to the caliper pins 1st in that scenario. Did you take the pins out of the caliper to inspect that they were not frozen up and/or still had adequate grease on them?
  15. Just a short update on the ongoing passenger SRS warning light battle. I pulled the passenger seat this weekend and found two things of note related to the clues I had. 1st anything related to SRS components have a safety clip involved. Knowing this helps identify potential targets to explore. Yellow seems to be the color for airbag components. I found a connector near the seatbelt buckle with a blue safety clip. I disconnected, cleaned, used a bit of dielectric grease and reconnected it. This seems to have solved the occasional passenger seatbelt warning light I was getting on the overhead console. The location of this connector could easily be affected by someone shoving something between the seat and the center console. However, this did not correct the original SRS dashboard light. Code "B0081 0f" still is present. 2nd I found a wire harness wrapped with blue metallic tape (?) that was slightly unwound exposing a multitude of jacketed wires in various colors. This included one bare wire that I'm sure is a ground (otherwise why is it bare?). I rewrapped this bundle up just to make sure it wasn't causing an issue touching something it shouldn't. 3rd I didn't have adequate time to fully explore how to gain access but the passenger presence module connector is blocked by the motor that moves the seat (my Suburban is an LTZ). I didn't see any obvious issues but could not get my fingers in there to give the connector the same treatment I did to the seatbelt clip. I'll try again next weekend if I have more time and the weather cooperates. For now I'm still getting an occasional B0081 0f SRS dash light. I'm hoping that if I move the seat all the forward or back the motor will be out of the way enough to access the module connector to clean it. The module itself is riveted to the frame of the seat so I'm not excited about taking the leather off and drilling out rivets to replace the thing.
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