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  1. Wow, I'm surprised I figured I would get more replies.
  2. I have heard they say 5w-30 For the fuel mileage. I run 5w-30 valvoline full synthetic and I can run 5000 mi with no issue or adding oil in an 07 new style 2500hd ext cab short bed 4x4 with the 6.0 and 6 speed transmission.
  3. sounds crazy but if you just started the truck the bolts will expand and contract on their own.
  4. I was wondering what I should do for tires is has stock 245s I want a little taller but I dont want any rubbing. I want to keep it reliable and do some cheap inexpensive things to it of you guys have any ideas. Kinda make it a personal truck with little customized things or any tips for fuel mileage would be extremely helpful. Thought about a snow plow but havent decoded I pull a skid steer with the truck. Ggot it from my father in law with 45000 mi it 4x4 not z71. No factory trailer brake controller which I really wanted and I also wanted factory blue tooth but I havent checked to see if thats something I can add. Its extended cab with the 6.5ft bed. 6.0L auto with bad fuel mileage which I expected but winter blend fuel cold weather gets around 11 or 12 just the truck about 60 mph. 14 in summer average. I was hoping for 17 or 18 summer. I only gave 19000 for it and it is a nice clean truck. Any ideas or thought please post thank you.
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