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  1. As the title says. Im having brake light issues, drivers side only. I have checked fuses, brake switch. Connectors, junction box and just now finished putting back rear bumper after taking it off to get better view of the wiring. It all checks out i even cleaned up a dodgy looking ground and ran a new ground with it. And finally i have tried multiple bulbs. Heres my testing results. 1.Bulb socket i only get a red light on the test light on the blue wire. 2.brake switch 2 red lights on white and orange wire. 3. Junction box was swapped with another yukon and still problem continues. 4. And yes fresh new light bulbs where installed with no change. Wnen the truck is off everything works like it should but when i put the key in start or run thats when the brake light decides not to turn on. Anything else i can try?. Sorry for the long posr. Thanks in advance. 2004 gmc yukon denali 6.0L
  2. As title says i was driving down my street and when coming to a stop i lost power and just costed to a stop. I put some fuel but now it just wont start she cranks but no start. Any ideas? Thanks in advance 2004 gmc yukon denali 6.0
  3. Thank you man. Appreciate it alot.
  4. Im fixing up my 04 yukon denali but im having trouble find the torque specs for the rocker arms. If anyone could please point me to the right direction or if anyone has a this info id really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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