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  1. Has anyone gone down the path of upgrading the 6sp transmission? To solve issues of breaking due to normal use? Going to call shops tomorrow, pulled pan and had 2 table spoons worth of metal not on the magnet. is swapping for other types of transmission feasible or no go with computers and axle gearing?
  2. Update: 6 speed transmission blew before engine. will consider chip the. Full afm delete after transmission issue For others info: mileage 105000, light towing, mostly hwy mileage. Transmission fluid changed 45k at dealer. Was about to change again and found a lot of metal.
  3. Hi guys, got some questions: I think I’m starting to have issues with afm system. How long can it go? Am I playing Russian roulette? details: 2019 Silverado custom, 5.3 103000 miles. started having tick around 45000 (of course after warranty) I would get valve train clatter occasionally around 2200-2800 rpm not to often (mild acceleration not hard) last trip I did was with small trailer (5k and towing mode on) and with cruise control the valves would start clattering every 15 min. I would turn off cruise control and let the clattering stop and resume speed. now it’s happening a lot now every time I’m on hwy with cruise control. would afm disabler help now? Or is it too late and should be looking for the afm delete. is there a way to very one of the valves is bad? thank you, randy
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