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  1. I was wondering if anyone is running mickey Thompson mtz. How do you like them, how do the hold up and are they any good in snow?
  2. I'm just comparing my tires to my cousins toyo's and and mine are almost done and his toyo's still look great and he's got 20k more miles on them. And we drive almost exactly the same conditions and styles.
  3. They wear evenly but have only lasted about 40-50k km. Just not impressed.
  4. Thanks. I've seen that page, but that is with 2.5" level. Just wondering if I could tuck 33x12.5/18 with just a 2" level
  5. Right now I'm running nitto trail graps 285/65r18 on a set of fuel wheels with a +20offset.truck has a rc2" level. I love they way the truck sits and the way the wheel wells have filled up, but the nittos just don't last so I'm looking for something better. I know the toyo mt's are a good tire and they hold up better from what ive seen on both of my cousins trucks. But do they have a size that won't rub, yet will still fill in the wheel well decently? The nittos just barely clear as it is. I'm sure this has been discusses a few times so I'm sorry but I couldn't find anything on a search
  6. I was just talking to a mechanic around here and he said that they have had people do the leveling kits then try and fit 285" tires on they that theyve had to do some serious trimming out of the wheel wells, i was just wondering if any of you have changed your tire sizes and what your running and if youve had this problem.
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