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  1. Is accessorizing your truck something that you are currently interested and/or investing in? - Yes, I always looking for tasteful functional upgrades IF YES: What is your to top priority when choosing accessories for your truck? (Quality/Price/Look/Reviews) - Quality is always my foremost consideration, however the price point needs to be relative to its utility and appearance can make or break my decision to use a specific add-on (chrome porthole decals are a hard NO!!) IF NO: Why not? (No time/money, inexperience, no vehicle) Would you purchase something because it's priced cheaper, regardless of negative reviews, or options of higher-end, better quality products? (YES or NO) - I tend to not half-ass my mods so unlikely. Would you purchase an accessory purely based on how it looks? Even if that means the product does not work well or may not work at all? No, not likely
  2. couple vids of what I'm dealing with - any ideas before I tear it apart??
  3. 2010 GMC all terrain CC - sounds like buzzing from center of dash, maybe a blender motor ? firm smack on center dash causes it to stop, still goes with stereo and auto-climate set to off and will continue with engine turned off and key removed until you open the door and interrupt the Random accessory power ?? anybody experienced this ?? lmk - thanx in advance I have a short video but its 30mb and I cannot post it

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