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  1. Yes, sorry it got really busy at work this past week. I can get it shipped to you for $175. I already bought a cardboard box, so it is ready to go. Let me know. Al
  2. Brian, Let me get a shipping estimate for 66542. If I am able to get a decent deal on shipping, we can make it happen. I'll get back to you asap. Al
  3. I have the CMS rails and 1 side toolbox for 07-12 Sierra/ Silverado trucks. They are in good, used condition. Rails (with all hardware) $150 plus $20 shipping anywhere in the continental US. Side storage toolbox. $200 shipped anywhere in the continental US. Payment will be via Paypal or cash if picking up. I have an ebay account with excellent feedback. Pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/93mmq9c6466gadp/AAAaJZasLj1MEkFGeJpJ1cOea?dl=0
  4. I have a few items for sale that came off my 08 Silverado crew cab, short bed. I sold the truck, and I ended up removing most of the accessories from it. For sale: Diamondback tonneau cover. Cover has Linex on it, and it is awesome. I already ordered a new Diamondback cover for my new truck. Check out the Diamondback website. This cover truly lives up to all their promises. Good condition. No damage, and Linex still looks good. Price: $1100 plus freight shipping. I will be using the box that my new cover comes in, so it will be well packaged. Pictures of the truck with the cover on. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0v9a26mv5p2msij/AADh6FY_Erkbj3V7AWa8RKmYa?dl=0 From the manucaturer: This DiamondBack Heavy duty diamond plate aluminum truck bed cover features a modular hinge design, so that you can easily remove panels as needed. You can also fold them back. For strength and durability, the truck bed cover is constructed with stainless steel external hardware and a neoprene gasket seal. Panels can be easily installed and do not require drilling. The strong truck bed cover is capable of handling up to a 400lb. load. Features: Deck: 3003 alloy brite aluminum tread plate, a full .100" thick (compare to toolboxes 0.063") All stainless external hardware 7 Aluminum Box Channel Supports All interior hardware is zinc-plated steel Panels are secured by four 3/8" deadbolt style locking rods directly under the bedrails of the truck Installation Requirements: 9/16" socket; no drilling or tracks required 2007- 2012 Superior Style: A load-bearing, aluminum diamond plate truck cover looks tough and stylish. Unparalleled Hauling Capacity: A 1600 lb. distributed load capacity (OR two full-size ATVs) provides numerous hauling options. Fold back panels to open up truck bed space. 12 tie down cleats ensure easily secured cargo. Opens Front and Back Foldable or Removable Panels Accessibility: Winged panels give access to the front and rear of the truck bed. No more crawling into the bed to retrieve cargo Security: Two keyed locks on the Cover make the truck bed a secure storage area. Steel rods lock into the side rails - no drilling required. Weather Resistance: A full compression seal keeps your bed and your cargo dry. Center panel gutters channel water run-off when the large panels open. Easy Installation: Easy self-installation clamps secure the center panel to the bed rails. Two large panels hinge on to the center panel. Quick release gas springs can be detached easily. Individual panels can be detached for quick, easy installation or removal of the cover. Removing the cover takes 10 minutes and can be done by one person.
  5. It's currently only 3 of us, but we would like to buy a big enough TT so that we can invite my brother in law and his family ( 2 adults , 2 young kids) when we take the TT to the beach. So a 6-8 person TT would be ideal. From what I have seen, I am looking at a 24'-30' TT. I'll be sure to share whatever we end up with. I found a RV towing calculator that has cleared up some of my weight concerns. If you have anymore tips, please share. I'm new to this, so any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. OK. Great advice. Thank you all for your help. I am picking up my truck tomorrow. I'll check it out, and see what I am able to do with it. I am going to stick with a 1500 for now. I'm sure that I can get a decent sized TT that my truck can handle. when I figure out what TT we can, I run it by you guys to see if the setup will work. The wife is excited about traveling the country this summer. Again, thank you for your input and expertise.
  7. I am about to purchase a 2015 Sierra SLT 4x4 3.42 axle. short bed. It has the 5.3 engine and does have the trailer brake option. I'm just waiting to sell my 08 Silverado before pulling the trigger on the new truck. I am also in the market for a travel trailer. I am totally new to towing a travel trailer. I have pulled plenty of open and enclosed trailers, but never a travel trailer. Here are out plans. We plan on taking summer trips around the US., So we will be driving a few thousand miles once, maybe twice per year. Most of the time, we will be using the travel trailer to take it to the beach (about an hour away). How big of a travel trailer can should I buy to safely tow it? I am looking for any recommendations you can provide. Thanks in advance for your help. Al attached is a picture of the truck I'm planning to buy. Iridium Metallic Z71
  8. Thank you all for your replies. My local dealers are a bit on the high side. I am hoping I can bring them down enough so I can get the features I want on the truck. Al
  9. WOW. Thank you for your help. Laura GMC has awesome prices. This is where all dealers prices should be. I'm hoping I can get my local dealer to come close to their prices, or I'll be making a trip to Laura GMC.
  10. I am in the market for a 2015 Sierra SLT z71. MSRP is at around 53K . Right off the bat, the area dealers are offering the SLT at a discounted price of around 46-47K (supplier pricing). I am calculating around a 10-12 % discount. Does anybody know what a doable discount is. If I went in there tomorrow and offered them 42K, is that something these guys can do? Thank in advance for your help. Al
  11. It will be just fine. Don't worry about it. I've done that to several vehicles (including a Chevy truck), and never had a problem.
  12. I have a pair of CMS side bed rails and two tie downs that will Silverado/Sierra Crew Cab short bed (2007-2013). They are in good used condition. They come with all the hardware necessary to install it. All you have to do is remove the rubber hole covers on your bed, and install these rails. I am asking $150 plus actual shipping charges. Send me a PM or reply if you are interested. I will clean them up a bit and take a picture as soon as I can. Al
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