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  1. Thanks Guys. I think it's alot bang for the buck. The little tag says KATZKINS on the bottom of both front seats.
  2. Guy on ebay the store name is Seats-R-Us if you call him on the phone it will be cheaper. He buys in bulk like 100 sets at time that's why he's so cheap.
  3. I finally got a lil extra change and ordered my Katzkins. They came in yesterday and it took my around 12 hours to do by myself. Before After
  4. I brought it in this morning and they informed me about the warranty. I don't hardly ever look at the miles I didn't even think about looking to see if it was over. Anyway 8G298365 and THANKS.
  5. I have a 2008 CC Silverado with 37,500 miles. So it's out of warranty. I need a left rear door actuator for the door lock. Anyone have the part # and best place for one?
  6. I wanted to say thanks Daddy and everyone for this VALUABLE info! The local dealer had it in stock so I got mine up and running this morning. Now, I'm going to tackle the steering wheel radio controls next.
  7. Thanks Daddy for the post I'm new to this forum but not to GM! I just got my 08 Silverado LT on 06/17/08 and I checked and there is a plug back there. I will be calling the local dealers to see who has it in stock. I was bummed that I didn't have the DIC at first. Now if only I could get the remote start.
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