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  1. Favorite Songs

    Anything from country to Zepplin. None of that boom boom boom crap, or the angry kill eveyone crap either.... I guess at 28 I am just old. Right now I keep wanting to hear "country must be counrty wide" and "Hell's Bells", but this changes by the week.
  2. New

    New Pics
  3. Go around the back of the seat and buckle it, just make sure to pull enough slack. I do this when I am getting in and out with the trailer, or for any reason, then I just put it back when its time to go down the road. Unless of course you got one of those goofy setups where the seat belt is in the door! All those useful things are great, auto 4 allows my wife to drive the truck, I just cant see her out locking hubs in. I love power seats, power and auto dimming mirrors I dont think I could go without know that I have them. I think TPMS is required by big brother now!
  4. Fords man step. Why oh why
  5. 400+ Hp 5.3 Natural Aspiration

    Search for the red truck club and add yourself. red trucks are the only way to go!
  6. Direct swap, just better parts! Why not go with a 4l80?
  7. 400+ Hp 5.3 Natural Aspiration

    I made a few calls, it is possible to bore a L33, however its less costly to just get a LS 5.7 block, and most machine shops will not do it. If you screw up the sleeves you are screwed unless you work for the company that makes them (haha I do ). I still say its cheaper to get a motor from a wreck (6.0/6.2) and build it out, or like I said before the LS6 top end should go right on with little to no mods. I dont know what gains this would give but its a hella start.
  8. 400+ Hp 5.3 Natural Aspiration

    Well this helps a lot. With no accesories robbing power from the motor and open headers I would think any stock 5.3 should make around these numbers. I am pretty sure SAE governs the hp ratings of engine tests, and the motors have to be run as they are setup in the car/truck with all accesories. You say you are running a tune, but your dyno results would not reflect these since you cant clairify if your pcm was used or not. Now as far as I know these motors will not run without a pcm, given such things as throttle by wire, fuel injection, and the coils. Not to mention all the other sensors that even if it would run it would not be able to run very well. So now I ask are you looking for a 400hp motor, 400hp at the flywheel with accesories running or 400hp at the rear wheels? If this helps my buddy is running a 396 that is about 550hp motor alone, in the car he is down to about 490 at the flywheel, and with a TH400 3500 stall he is somewhere around the 390 at the tires. The 390 at the tires is close to the stock motor output. The block has been bored, crank balanced and blue printed, new ported and polished heads, aftemarket intake, and a 750 holly (I think), long tube headers with remote dumps. there is close to $7000 invested in the motor. For you modest 50-100hp gain its more cost effective to run a 6.2, or even a 6.0 with a cam and tune. If you have a 4L60E a shift kit will really make you feel some of that power.
  9. 400+ Hp 5.3 Natural Aspiration

    Im a late comer to this topic but wow did I miss out on this one. First thing I want to know, if your looking for throwing endless amounts of cash at a 5.3, why not just get a 6.2? why not buy one from a stealership rather than that 5.3? Next thing, if you have the L33 block there will be no boring! its a AL block with cast iron sleevs. You will need a cam, heads, and intake. I have heard people talking about fitting LS6 heads and intake on the L33 block, I dont know of any truth to this. I see your claiming about 350 flywheel hp on a engine dyno. I am wondering why the motor was taken out? IRC there has been zero motor work done? So no intake? no headers? and during this dyno run was your PCM removed from the truck and run with the motor? Im not calling you out here I am just looking for answers. With the right parts and funds a 5.3 can produce around 700hp, Jon Moss did it! but hes got unlimited funding, research deptments, and the abuility to try different things until the right parts are found or are made!
  10. Do you have a after market alarm or autostart? I had a trans am that did this, turned out the alarm system was causing the problems
  11. Various Helpful Gm Links

    Hey Mike, GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!!
  12. Your Pet Or Pets

    10mo old German Shepherd. (hes 10 months now, only about 7 in the first 2 pics, about 4/5mo in the 3rd. This is out witch (with a B) cat. she is a 4 year old bengal cat. She is 2 generations removed from the Asian leopard. if you want a cat, this is the only way to go! she loves to play i the water, she plays fetch with the dog, and she beats the crap out of the dog. She is about 3 1/2 feet long, just over 20lbs. she has all her claws, and most poeple are much more worried about her then the dog! She makes a ton of noise is all different ranges, and has a wicked mean growl. Check these things out on youtube if your wondering. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MydBRA5b580 Ok here is ours....
  13. High Mileage Club

    here goes 2006 silverado - 56,000 - my truck 2005 Sunfire - 130,000 - wifes car 1999 - GMC seirra 160,000 miles Grandpa's truck (5.7, never worked on) 2000 - silverado - 155,000 - Work truck 1996 - silverado - 285,000 - Work truck (new trans, exhaust, brake lines)
  14. 2 Wheel Drive "z71" ?

    Here we go again.

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