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  1. My 2008 Silverado has 43K on it. I commute most days on a motorcycle.
  2. Mine weighs similar to yours. Sticker on mine says dry weight is 5050 and I took it to the CAT scales loaded up for a camping weekend. My total camping weight was 6300lbs and that also included ice chests and firewood. Like other's have said your truck will be just fine but if you start travelling for the long haul consider the HD.
  3. My story is a little different but I ordered a C7 in December. There was a price increase in January but the car was built in December and delivered in January. I didn't pay any price increase. Maybe that was because it was built prior to the increase I don't know. I didn't have to worry about timing with incentives though because corvettes don't often have any.
  4. I suspect he means trunk button on the remote and that somebody programmed a wrong replacement at one point.
  5. Our trailer weighs in at 5100lbs dry but our camping weight is 6300lbs. My wife likes to bring EVERYTHING. This also includes firewood and ice chests. Your trailer would be too much for my truck but will be fine with yours.
  6. I used to use K&N on my motorcycles but got 2 bad ones in a row that leaked and I don't used them anymore either
  7. Not an exact comparison but 8-9 years ago I bought replica Z06 wheels for my Camaro and they have been absolutely fine. It's not a daily driver but I've put about 10K on them.
  8. I have flushed mine with a pressure bleeder with no issues. I don't think you need to worry about the ABS module unless you manage to get air in it. As said earlier, be sure to keep the reservoir full.
  9. There's can you do it? Should you do it? and Is it legal to do it? Physically, your truck can tow that all day long whether you regear or not. It may not like hills or headwinds but it will do it. Whether you should do it is more of a personal choice based upon your own perception of risk. Some of us here would and some of us wouldn't even consider it. No matter what you decide, your truck's GCWR is 12000lbs. This is whether you re-gear or not. Re-gearing doesn't put a new sticker on your truck. If you decide to take that risk, know that if there is a serious accident and it is determi
  10. Can you not sign up and pay the first month/activation fee then call back to report stolen?
  11. Lemon laws seem to vary from state to state with some states being more consumer friendly than others. Texas seems to be more dealer friendly than consumer friendly. It's been a few years since I looked at this so I may be off a bit on the specifics but I do remember that the first repair attempt had to be documented early, like within 180 days of purchase so if the problem shows up a year after you bought it, you can't lemon law it even if they try to fix it 10 times. Luckily for me, the issue I had was resolved so I didn't look much further.
  12. How do you put brake shoes on backwards?
  13. I have always slipped the loop over the trailer ball prior to adding the trailer. There seems to be ample room for the cable to slide around with the trailer attached and not get pinched/cut.
  14. Without tools you can check for a loose connection. A can of Coca Cola will also clean connections in a pinch if they are corroded.
  15. I replaced my LS2s with Defenders last October. I bought the first set of Defenders that particular Discount Tire sold. I have put about 6K on them now and absolutely love them. We never had an ice event this past winter so I can't speak for winter traction but wet traction is great. They don't hydroplane at all.
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