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  1. I have a 2014 GMC Sierra. I would like to install aftermarket stereo and keep the stock head unit and controls. Where do I start. Signal processor or something like that? I used to years ago install stereos and speakers amps and everything in all my cars and friends cars. The new cars are all integrated with the car and the stereos so I would like to keep all of that in this vehicle. We never got into signal processors years ago but installed amps and aftermarket head units and speakers in everything. Any info on where to start or what to start with.?
  2. Spurshot. I basically have the same truck looking for coilover lift and upper control arms. I called Camburg and was told they make nothing for my truck with aluminum upper control arm. I was looking at there fox 2.0 kit.
  3. The issue they say is the aluminum upper control arms.
  4. Was looking at Camburg fox 2.0 trail kit. I called camburg and they told me they make nothing for my truck. 2014 GMC Sierra slt all terrain. It has aluminum upper control arms. What are my options. I wanted the fox coilovers to lift front 2 inches and then a inch block or bags in rear to keep back up as I tow and use the truck I don't want the rear to be lower.
  5. has anyone tried any wider than 285 on all stock truck
  6. Thinking about changing tires on 1500 all terrain. have 275/55/20 stock. terra grappler or trail grappler what sizes fit with no issues on stock ride hight no lift
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