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  1. I know when I would go from my winter wheels which were 18" with Blizzak's to my stock 22's for the first few weeks the ride was horrible, so rough compared to the 18's, but after a few weeks all felt normal again. The smaller wheels just give a much better ride. As said if you think there is an issue get your alignment checked
  2. Fantastic. That bothers me more than anything else, off to my wrap shop.
  3. After 12 Escalade's I just got a Callaway Tahoe, it's great so far.
  4. I have a 19' Callaway standard lengh Tahoe lowered, Callaway did it when it was there, it rides great, and handling is way improved
  5. I have the 10 speed in my 19' RST Callaway Tahoe, so far it's fantastic
  6. I just came from 12 Escalade's from 2003-2012, I had three 2012 platinum Escalade's, one at each home, when I went to trade the last one the new Escalade platinum was well over 100k, I could get a loaded Tahoe with my chevy connection for just over 70k, so I took the difference and gave it to Callaway, and while the Escalade is nicer inside for sure, to me it wasn't 19k nicer, and I really hate the long taillights too. There was a note somewhere not to shift from 2 to 4 wheels drive, or back again over 5 mph, and they really want you to stop before shifting, not that I am one for always following directions. ;)
  7. Not really, smokes the tires in 2 wheel drive, just too much salt and cold, 4 wheel drive pulls good, and it was great in the snow with Blizzak's on all 4 wheels. Only drove it for 5 days, since then it's been paint corrected, clear wrapped and is getting ceramic coated tomorrow. I am sure you will be pleased with the performance, it doesn't run like my ZR1, or my wife's trackhawk, but it's pretty quick.
  8. After 12 Escalade's (hate the long rear tail lights) I ordered a Callaway Tahoe, with their lowered suspension option, received it 4 weeks ago, and love it. I looked at it this way, and new platinum Escalade was over 100k, the loaded 6.2 Tahoe with my discount was just over 70k, so I took 24k and paid Callaway and got a 5 year/60k transferable warranty included. No it's NOT an Escalade interior, but every time you start it up and step on the gas, it doesn't matter. Callaway was great to deal with, they will work with you on any options you want or don't want, and the stuff they make works, and my local Chevy dealership tech is Callaway certified, so it just worked for me.
  9. Got a 19' Callaway Tahoe, they have the 10 speed performing and shifting great
  10. After 12 Escalade's I stopped when the new model with the ugly tail lights came out, switched to a 2019 Callaway Tahoe, but some love them too
  11. That is interesting. 2006 model still had the ability to input addresses in motion. 2002-9 did not. I wonder what changed their minds on the 2010? The LockPick is still needed for video in motion, I am assuming. No go on the DVD while in drive, it locks it out when you go into drive, but Nav works any time
  12. That is interesting. 2006 model still had the ability to input addresses in motion. 2002-9 did not. I wonder what changed their minds on the 2010? The LockPick is still needed for video in motion, I am assuming. I do not have not tried the DVD yet, I would guess you still need a lock pick, but I thought that anout the Nav too. I will check later tonight when we get home
  13. You are correct the aftermarket units have many more options and much cheaper.
  14. ???? I have a '10 Yukon Denali and i haven't tried to do it yet but are you saying you can program destinations while moving? I know you can select from a list, but not punch in addresses? Please clarify. I'm pretty confident you stil do not have total control while in motion. My USB port works throught he sterring wheel controls as well.. Pretty cool, i didn't even think about the USB with my 08 or 09.. Kudos GM! Tony, that is what I am saying, you can fully program and punch in addresses on the fly, I thought I was dreaming when I tried it and it worked, and has worked everyday. Went into Nav config, pressed the bar that says something like "use while driving" (I have pressed this on my 07's, 08 and 09' and it does nothing, had to buy aftermarket lock pick to get that to program while driving) and then tried it and it worked, and everyday since then, didn't think this was allowed on American cars, my Euro cars can be programmed while driving but not my GM cars/trucks until now.
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