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  1. I'm pretty sure I saw a 2014 Sierra Silverado Hanes manual at Pep Boys for 29.99.
  2. My Homelink installation turned out fine. It's nice to be able to press the button on a console rather than the old remote that wasn't always efficient. The next thing I wanted to do was add puddle lights. I thought I could simply order the parts and install them into the mirrors and plug them into the switch and I'd have them. But I'm finding that it's not that simple. The puddle lights seem to only be on mirrors that have power folding with indicators … the DL3 option. Are you aware of any other way that puddle light can be installed?
  3. Made mistake on last post. Colors aren't important but the terminal locations are … Homelink purple w/white tracer to #9 splice (negative grnd.), orange to terminal #10 (switched ign.); green to #11 (accessory lighting).
  4. I got the terminals yesterday afternoon and installed the Homelink in my '14 Suburban. I contacted the dealership and checked with the service advisor to be sure if I disconnect the battery I won't upset any of the onboard computers. He said it would not be a problem and wouldn't hurt anything, so I went ahead and disconnected it. Pulled out the overhead console and disconnected the main harness. Checked the pin sizes and you were absolutely right on the terminals … needed the GT150 PN# 15304701 20ga terminals. Crimped terminals on the Homelink wires with needlenose pliers and a dab of solder. Pulled the connector lock exposing the terminal bays, installed the terminals and pushed back the lock: Homelink orange to terminal #2 (switched ign.); Homelink green to #3 (accessory lighting); and spliced and soldered Homelink purple w/white tracer to #1 (negative grnd.). The ground is shared with overhead lights and passenger side airbag on/off. The Homelink I used was sourced from a 1996-2005 Silverado/Sierra. This part fits into the overhead console as if it were made for it. The most difficult part of the whole project was Dremelling out the windows for the Homelink. I chopped up the Sierra facia to make a hard template for cutting my console for the Homelink buttons and one 3/32 hole for the Homelink communication light (the three buttons each have their own illumination (slightly different form '14 Suburban Homelink, but functions exactly the same. Once installed, connected the battery, set the Homelink, garage door opens from a distance and everything checks out. The computers recognized the remote, remote start still works, all I had to do was reset the clock. Drove the truck round the block and no relearning issues. Started this at 1PM finished at 5PM. Took allot of time to carefully cut the holes, but installed the Homelink looks like factory. Thanks to you Zebrafive … couldn't have gotten this done without all of your help. And just in case somebody else is nuts enough to want to go through all this work, I posted the pin/wiring diagram below. The whole deal with cost of the ebay Homelink (21.00), Mouser terminals (10.00) and Harbor Freight rotary tool (10.00) was $41.00 total.
  5. The 150 and 280 seem almost interchangable. There weren't many terminals available for either except in quantities of a 6000 roll. I ordered 4 types of terminals so hopefully one of them fits. I wouldn't put this much thought into something as simple as the Homelink, but with every circuit feeding through the body control module, I'm going to greater lengths to connect properly. If none of the new terminals fits, I might run the wires to the left side 20amp fused cigarette/charge port circuit above the console where I think the BCM is less sensitive to voltage.
  6. My confusion was that the 18ga vs 20ga was too big for the connector … like if 15304702 didn't fit, 15304701 would. But it doesn't matter. Just want to be sure the 15304702 terminals will fit in the connector.
  7. Found it in Delphi catalog … GT150/280? Mouser Part #: 829-15336224 Manufacturer Part #: 15336224 Manufacturer: Delphi Connection Systems Description: Automotive Connectors 16P M BLK CONN ASSY GT 150/280 SERIES
  8. No luck with T&C.com Can I use any of Mouser's terminals below to do this the right way? Because I'm thinking of soddering the wires flat, filing to terminal size and pushing them into the connector. Remove Product Detail Customer Part # Order Qty. Price (USD) Ext. (USD) Mouser #: 829-15304722 Mfr. #: 15304722-L Manufacturer: Delphi Connection Systems Desc.: Automotive Connectors MALE 280 SERIES TIN CBL RNG 1.85-1.20MM RoHS: RoHS Compliant Info: View Additional Product Info Availability 10 Ships Now $0.22 $2.20 Mouser #: 829-12191138 Mfr. #: 12191138 Manufacturer: Delphi Connection Systems Desc.: Automotive Connectors MALE GT280 TIN PLT CBL RANGE 0.80MM RoHS: RoHS Compliant Availability 10 Ships Now $0.12 $1.20 Mouser #: 829-15304702-L Mfr. #: 15304702-L Manufacturer: Delphi Connection Systems Desc.: Automotive Connectors TERM GT 150 MALE RoHS: RoHS Compliant Info: View Additional Product Info Availability 10 Ships Now $0.16 $1.60 By submitting your order you agree to these terms and conditions. For additional information on availability, click on the Mouser Part #. MERCHANDISE TOTAL: $5.00 SHIPPING CHARGE: Estimate
  9. I did some research on Delphi connectors and think it's: 16 Way Black GT 150 280 Unsealed Male Connector Assembly Part #13513961 But no terminal connector for 18 and 20ga wire on this either. Do you think I can make terminal 15304702 work?
  10. It sure did meet a 15.00 minimum … crimpers run 88.00 to 385.00, so I guess I'll do my best with my cheap crimpers and a soddering iron. LOL
  11. Found the pins I need … have to spring for the minimum order of 15.00. While at the terminals and connectors site I had a look at the Delphi GT 150 block assembly and disassembly. After I crimp on the wires, am I understanding this correctly that you just push in the new pins till they click to lock position and that's it?
  12. Still have to find the 20ga terminals (PN 15304701-L). It's been a while, but might go to a juck yard to see what I can dig up. I'll disconnect the battery negative before I install the Homelink to avoid any voltage spikes, but I'm still concerned about messing up a computer.
  13. I appreciate that you guys are willing to provide information. I ended up removing the overhead console to check wires. Three terminals in the feed (13, 14 & 15) are blank … can't tell what they're for. But the console terminal has three unused pin locations that are fed by the harness. Checked them with a multimeter ... pin 1 grnd, pin 2 lights and pin 3 ign switched. Zebrafive ID'd harness pin, manufacturer part #s for this type terminal. I have to order the pins and crimp to Homelink leads, insert into terminal and splice to ground. I could find only one ground wire in the harness at pin 1 (black). It grounds passenger side sensor switch and overhead lights. I hope attaching Homelink ground to doesn't upset anything … I'll be the first to find out if the airbag pops! LOL I'd still like to see a diagram of terminal pins 1-16 in the overhead console. If anyone has one, it would really be appreciated.
  14. Think I solved my laptop charging problem. Although having a permanently installed inverter might be preferable, I found a cup sized 110v 150w inverter to plug into a port and it's less than 30.00. Just sharing in case anyone is looking for a convenient inverter and stumbles across these posts.
  15. Tried to get that cover to release. Got the side lose, but the button in the middle won't budge and the pry tool just bent the button ears. Is the Silverado buttoned too?
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