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  1. haha way to dig up an old thread. I'm actually at 225k and change now. Great truck I'm thinking about getting it repainted.
  2. I'm I45S @ League City, but I go to U. Houston so I'm around town quite a bit.
  3. Yea but..it doesn't always work out the way we want it to. My father has a beautiful 2001 Camaro Z/28 M6. The problem started back a year or year and half ago or so. Every once a while (couple times a month probably) the car will fail to start. When you turn the key you get nothing. No crank, no sputter, nada. When we took it to our local GM dealer they evaluated the car and told us the car had a bad ignition switch. At the time it sounded legit so he ponied up the money (I think about $400) and had the part installed. All seemed good for the next year. Just recently the probably began to occur again. Same story..no crank, no sputter, no anything. We took it back to the same dealer and we're told the same thing. Bad ignition switch, and the worse news is that the part we'd just purchased a year earlier was now one month past its warranty. Another $400 and many headaches later the car is fixed...or so we think. The car started flawlessly for about a month only to have the EXACT same issues arise again, and this time he was 500 miles away from home. Upon return to Houston he explained to the dealer what happened and that he was unhappy with the service that he had been given. The dealer agreed to take another look at the car (for a $90 service fee of course) and that another problem may be preventing the car from started. They explained to my dad that if it was indeed another problem that was preventing the car from started he would have to pay for additional work as well. After they "inspected" the car for yet a third time they determined that faulty battery cables were causing the intermittent starting issue. Wtf? So basically they are saying that "it's probably not the ignition switch, but even if its not we're not gonna refund your money AND you're gonna pay for whatever else we have to do". My dad was insane. He called GM Customer Service to express his disdain for the dealership and he was assured that his complaint would be rectified. After about a week or so of dealing with the GM "District Manager" of our region she finally calls us back and gives us the identical song and dance that the dealership gave us. "We're sorry sir, but the dealership has informed us that they believe it is indeed bad battery cables that are causing your issue. Is there anything else we can do for you at this time?" They had done absolutely nothing except waste our time. It is really quite a shame because this car (other than not staring sometimes) is perfect. My dad's commute to work is about six miles and other than work and the twice yearly trip to Oklahoma to see his mother, he drives it nowhere. It's pretty hard to find Blk/Blk M6 Z/28s with less than 50k miles. We have no problems paying to have the car fixed. Our problem is paying for what does not fix the car. All we wanted was an apology and our money back. Now we're stuck about $800 in the hole and a car that starts when it wants to.
  4. OUMike

    Where you from?

    I'm in. League City, TX
  5. OUMike

    Where you from?

    Greatest place on earth. SE Texas.
  6. i wasn't gonna post cause I'm still driving my first, but I hadn't seen too many 94s... 1994 Silverado SCSB - 4.3L V6, black, stepside. Pros - V6 has decent power, and pretty good gas mileage for something with 190k on it. Bench seats are easy to stretch out on long drives and plenty of room. Other than basic maint. no major problems. Huge cupholders can hold just about any size beverage one might desire. Cons - Weak door pins that sag over time. Cheap plastic grille that bug guts do a number on.
  7. Wow...so these things really hold up. I hadn't decided weather or not I wanted to put a little money into my 94' to dress it up a little, but after reading this I'm definatly gonna. I'll send picutres
  8. Hey All, I was drivin' a long yesterday and noticed my odometer roll over 165k miles. Current mileage is 166678. I got a 94' Silverado, so that puts me at 16667.8 miles a year. Yearly mileage sounds pretty average, but 166 is a lot. What kinda longevity should I expect with a very well taken care of TBI 4.3L? Quarter million?
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