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  1. My grandson bought a 2006 Colorado LT1 crew cab 2wd z71 and only has one key and remote. The key is not chipped, but I was told to get the key part # by using the vin and they could help me with the keys I ordered and had cut not working. Do I have to go through a locksmith or dealer to get the part # for the key? Anyone else had a problem getting spare keys made that work? Thanks in advance.
  2. I've noticed that going up or down hills if I let off the accelerator, the engine revs up to 1500 to 2000 rpm. I know the electronic throttle is position sensitive, but is it supposed to react to this? Is this a sign of a bad sensor, or normal? What is involved in converting it to a cable throttle, which is stable in any position of the vehicle.
  3. I kept having fuel cap problems on my cadillac and it turned out to be the purge valve. I replaced it and haven't had any problems since. I think the purge valve could be sticking a little sometimes making it seem like a vacuum leak. I don't know, it never fails to start, just sometimes you hit the starter and it will spin over for several seconds before it starts. I have even suspected the accelerator pedal module, I'm just trying to figure it out without spending a bundle on parts I don't need. Sometimes, after idling for a minute or two, and you start to take off, it stumbles, and will die if I keep trying to give it gas, but will start right back up and run fine. If it stumbles and I just ease back off the gas and give it a few seconds it picks up and goes. It has me puzzled. I am far from a master mechanic and depend on advice from folks like you for help when I'm in over my head. Many thanks.
  4. Does a failing Evap Purge Valve always throw a code. My 2013 Sierra sometimes cranks but won't start for a few seconds, DIC shows tighten fuel cap pretty often. I cleaned the fuel filler neck and installed a new cap, but still get the DIC message often. Sometimes if stopped for a minute or two at idle, it doesn't want to take gas and accelerate. Could the Purge Valve cause this without throwing an error code? No check engine light either.
  5. I can't seem to find a replacement fuel filter for my GMC Sierra SLE LC9 5.3. GMparts says discontinued, but has a fuel filter kit. What gives? A Change?
  6. 2013 GMC Sierra 5.3 LC9. I have a lifter or something ticking, but no misfire or other symptoms. Could this just be a loose rocker? I seem to notice it more at first startup of the day when the engine has cooled overnight. The AFM has been disabled, I think, I bought the truck used, but it never goes out of V8 mode. Any thoughts? Any experiences like this? Thanks in advance.
  7. I've got a 2013 GMC and have a ticker in it, but so far no misfires. If I have the kind of problems you all are having, I'll probably try to find a Hemi and make it fit. You know as in Blasphemi, on Roadkill. These AFM engines appear to be nothing but continous headaches. I didn't realize they were in the GMC's until after my purchase. I got it used. I think someone before has already programmed the AFM out, as it stays in V8 all the time. Never seen it in V4. GM boondoggle in my book.
  8. My LC9 is acting weird. I bought it last year, and I think the AFM has been programmed out as it has never disabled any cylinders, but that's great, I didn't want it anyway. But I've noticed 3 or 4 things that are weird. Sometimes after stopping, light, sign, etc when starting to accelerate it tries to quit, let of accelerator and after a few seconds it's ok, and takes off, but I have had it to die. I turned the ignition off for a few seconds and it started right up and ran fine. Sometimes when I start it, it just winds on it's own for a few seconds and finally starts, but if you turn the ignition off, and try again most of the time it starts right up. Lastly, I noticed that when stopped and holding the brake, at a light or sign, etc. if I let off the brake and try to accelerate, the engine revs a little then the trans grabs hold and jerks. I have put it under hard acceleration and pulled heavy trailer loads with it and it has never slipped or given any problems, anyone have a clue what is going on. I never get any codes. Only thing I get is tighten fuel cap occasionally, but I put a new cap on and cleaned the neck good with WD-40, and so far, so good with that. I have cleaned the throttle body with cleaner and rags, cleaned the MAF with MAF cleaner. Is this just a new GM thing I have to put up with. I've owned GM vehicles since 1965, a 1958 chevy to start with, and never had this kind of issues. Is this part of the AFM boondoggle? Thanks for any suggestions or help with these issues. You guys and gals are great.
  9. Use your parking brake on an incline and let the brake hold it, then place in Park. As for coming apart and not breaking, there may be some little something you're missing when you connect it back together. I've had one to break when it was parked on an incline, not one since I use the parking brake. Do a youtube search on installing a new one and see if you're making a mistake reconnecting it or routing it. That's what I do. Sorry I can't offer more.
  10. I've been noticing on the intake tube, right in front of the throttle body, is a square box like area protruding out the front of the tube. What does it do?
  11. You didn't let any water get in the intake ports on the heads when removing it did you? If so may have water run down into cylinder and trying to hydro-lock. Take the plugs out and try turning the engine over and see if the knock is still there. Water will not compress.
  12. Is a dealer or locksmith the only option for programming a keyless entry remote for 2013 GMC Sierra?
  13. I recently cleaned the throttle body and it seemed to help my problem. It seems as if the harder I drive it, the better it runs. Maybe it just likes to be hot rodded a little. I'm 72, but still like to feel that power and listen to the exhaust rumble and the roar of the throttle. I'm not as up to date on these engines as I was with the old 327, 350, and especially the 396 I had in the red on red 1966 SS396 Chevelle.
  14. 2013 GMC Sierra crew cab 4X4 with LC9 engine. I am pretty sure the previous owner had the AFM programmed out of it since it has never been in 4 cyl mode. I can't even get it to go into it. The problem I'm having is sometimes when I start it, the engine starts and sounds like it's flooding out, never smell fuel, just barely runs for 2 or 3 seconds then idles normally. Sometimes I turn the switch off and restart it, sometimes it does it again, but mostly it starts and runs fine. Other times I've been driving and stop at a light, or for other reason and it won't take off, just barely runs, but I put it in neutral or park and turn it off and restart it and it's fine. I've checked it for codes and there are none, I disconnected the TPS and cleaned the throttle body, which wasn't bad at all, compared to a lot of them I've cleaned. Reconnected the TPS and drove the truck and it seemed better but still does the same thing. This is not happening every time I drive it, maybe once a week, maybe twice, if I drive it everyday. Could the TPS cause this without throwing a code or any lights flashing or coming on. I just bought a new TPS and spark plugs, but haven't installed them yet. The truck has 156,000 miles on it. I've only had it about six months.
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