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  1. Check the battery terminals. Make sure they are tight and clean. You might check the battery wire on the starter and the main fuse on the firewall.
  2. What is the problem or problems you are having exactly? I have a 2009 Silverado with 68,000miles and have had absolutely no electrical problems at all. In fact I have had no problems at all. Truck has never been to the dealer for any repairs.
  3. Boombastic Those are very good times. How much boost are you running?
  4. Jennabear says that superchargers run good on E-85. I have a 6.2 with a TVS 1900 supercharger and didn't think that E-85 would work with the stock fuel system when supercharged. Since my 6.2 was flex-fuel the fuel system was not changed when supercharged since the stock system provided enough fuel. Since the stock fuel system had to be "oversized" to allow use with E-85 when natural aspirated it was not upgraded when supercharged. Now that the engine is supercharged will there be enough fuel to allow for the extra volume required for both the E-85 and supercharging together? Will I need to upgrade the fuel system to allow use of E85 with the TVS 1900?
  5. louie730


    I bet he can't do it again!
  6. It sounds like you do not have the right radio or it is not programmed right. There are two different Bose models, one is the standard Bose like used in a Silverado or lower end GMC and the other is the upgraded Centerpoint unit that uses a different Bose amp andwiring and is programmed different. This would explain your no volume condition and the problem with the equalizer. I believe that the radio head units are the same physically but are programmed differently. The wiring and amps are different between the units. If you have a speaker in the center of your dash, you have the upgraded unit. If you do not have the center speaker, you have the standard unit. The head unit must be programmed to the type of amp and wiring you have in your truck. I don't know if a dealer can program the radio from one type to the other but Greg at CPS Audio can. Do a search on this forum and you can find his telephone number. I had him do mine when my dealer said it couldn't be done. Hope this helps.
  7. That is a positive battery cable bracket. Goes on the engine block on the driver's side down low. See #23 on attached diagram. http://parts.nalleygmc.com/showAssembly.aspx?ukey_product=2703403&ukey_assembly=431262
  8. This is the best product I have ever seen! I am going to order 4 sets before the price goes up. I don't know how they sell this fantastic stuff so cheap.
  9. What mix are you using? I found that a 50/50 mix works great for me and allows for more boost. I run about 12 to 14 psi and have no problems. Overall a great system.
  10. If you could be happy with a 2013, I bet you could come close to the price you paid for your 2011. There are a lot of rebates/discounts going on now on the 13's.
  11. Press the Menu button until you get the Configure menu- (Sound-Radio-Nav-Display Time)- at top of screen. Touch the Nav display button on the screen. Then press " Map Database Information" button on the screen. This will bring you to the Navigation Map Database page. Touch the " Change" button at the bottom left of the screen and the screen will fold down so you can remove the map DVD. When you are ready to install a new DVD or replace the old one, insert DVD and touch the "Close" button on the screen. This should do it for you. This slot behind the screen is only for the map DVD- do not insert a CD or other DVD in this slot.
  12. Unless you have a 2012 or newer navigation unit the DVD has to be installed behind the screen in the nav disk slot or the unit will absolutely not work.
  13. A dealer is needed to unlock this unit. You cannot do it yourself without the proper equipment.
  14. The mirrors are supposed to work this way. They are adjustable when they move down for a "curb view" if you want to adjust the view or you can turn this feature on or off with the DIC. Read about this in the owner's manual.
  15. I would like to see your list of problems too.
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