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  1. There never was a recall for exactly the reason that RyanbabZ71 said - it wasn't a safety issue (though part of me says there should've been a recall on principle alone). However, I had the dealer take care of mine in the summer of 2009 and it was all covered under warranty. I was chatting w/the mechanic afterwards and he said that not only was I not the first one in the shop w/that same problem, but ALL the Silverados that were in the shop that week were there for failed door lock actuators. Seemed to be an endemic problem w/the '08s and '09s. GM was nice enough to give me a rental Silverado for the three days she was in the shop though. Since the repair, haven't had a problem since. The most recent recall that I can remember for the 2008 was for a control module under the front seat. That was summer 2010, I think (can't remember for sure).
  2. I sure hope things will turn around for us. Sadly, I haven't had much of a reason to get excited since Terry Pegula bought the team. There hasn't been a whole hell of a lot of good news since then. Granted, there are a lot of long-term things that're in the works that seems positive, but in the short-term, it just seems dismal. Second year in a row to miss the playoffs, and now they're finally "talking" about rebuilding. I totally agree though: Darcy's gotta go. He's the source of many of our problems.
  3. The GM Powertrain plant in Tonawanda, NY (just north of Buffalo) was close to death a few years ago during the recession and the bankruptcy. Not long after the bankruptcy was over, the plant got a HUGE investment from GM to make EcoTecs and the new fifth-gen V-8. They've doubled the workforce and are running three shifts a day. http://www.buffalonews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20130428/BUSINESS/130429154/1003 As a Buffalo native, I take a little bit of pride in the fact that GM's new small block is getting made in my hometown. But it's also great to see GM putting investment back into a current facility.
  4. 4wd Problems

    Haha love the rivalry! I still think the Sabres-Leafs rivalry is one of the biggest, but least known, in the NHL. It helps when we're both on opposite ends of the QEW!
  5. 4wd Problems

    That was easy. Thanks!
  6. 4wd Problems

    I'm seeing a similar situation w/my truck except every so often, the DIC would throw a "Service 4-Wheel Drive" alert, and then nothing. I haven't switched it to 4WDin well over a year, though.
  7. The rivalry between the Leafs and the Sabres is like the Leafs/Canadiens rivalry - it's legendary and has never let up. I would argue the rivalry between the Leafs and the Sabres is bigger due to the fact both teams split fans in Ontario due to the cities' proximity. And BTW - this is the first time the Leafs are making the playoffs in like ten years. The Sabres have had four playoff runs since then. We've just had a really bad year. The Leafs only got good after Rick Dudley came in and started cleaning house.
  8. Wow, not a single Sabres post in over six years. I know the season's basically over for us (and a lot of shit has happened since Sept 2006), but let's get this posting started again!
  9. 5.3 Gen IV a bad engine?

    I would also have to agree w/this. I think every other oil change I end up having to add about a quart every few thousand miles, but that's the sum of it. My '08 has 90K on it w/no majors issues (no knocking, no ticking, no abnormal noises). It's been reported on for several years that the 5.3L is the workhorse of GM, and by far one of their most successful engines to date. The GM fleet couldn't move w/out the 5.3. I would imagine for some of our north-of-the-border members that the 4.8 is more popular (I'm not an expert, so i can't say if they rate better in the cold than it's sibling motors), but in the States the most sold GM truck engine by far is the 5.3.
  10. Some stuff

    No pics in five days? Fail! Need pics!!
  11. Couldn't resist the incentives....

    $9500 for incentives = really hard to resist! When I bought my '08, I was able to sneak away w/a $34,500 MSRP Silvy for just under $24K. Kinda helped that I knew the owner of the dealership though.
  12. Custom Bowtie

    That looks awesome man! Wish I had the skills for something like that.
  13. I have to agree. I'm originally from upstate New York, so I've been dealing with this problem my whole life. So far, in my years of driving, the falling in snow hasn't created any mechanical or even health effects (water in upholstery over time can be an issue for obvious reasons), but I make sure to clean the truck pretty thoroughly during the summer. The best advice I can offer is have a snow brush in your house/apartment by the door, take that with you when you walk out to your truck, and then brush it off before getting in. Some snow will get in - that's unavoidable - but taking a brush with me when I first walk out to the truck kept a lot of snow from getting in the cab.
  14. 2007 SLE DIC Upgrade

    Used your instructions to install my new DIC last summer. I wish they'd take your description and make it the install instructions. Couldn't be more right - install is a snap. Took me 10 minutes (and I was taking my time). To all out there who want to install a DIC on your Silverado - use Daddy's instructions! They won't steer you wrong!

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