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  1. Everybody here gotta know Scotty Kilmer..He is youtube's best video mechanic who has been in the car repair business for 50 years. Just google him. Yes I hear a lot of bashing on these trucks like their engine knocking, transmission shifting oddly etc..I think most of it has to do with the way they operate their vehicle.
  2. Hey y'all: I appreciate the timely feedback, but I'm still not getting my question answered directly. At the moment I don't have the cash set aside for it, but looking to have set aside by late 2020. Most know what I am looking for. I do see some High Country trucks that are 2014-15 that are priced at below 29K with under 75K miles on it at new BMW and VW luxury car dealers assuming they are trade ins. I am a DIYer, so year isn't that important to me in a K2 truck. I have automotive training years ago and do work on my car unless if it involves the heavy use of $10 gra
  3. OMG im so late in replying. Thanks for the feedback, its a thought to entertain at the moment, but if the costs outweighs the benefits, I will pass and leave the stock console or rather just downgrade to LTZ with bench seat. This is plan that I am going to be executing in late 2020. Saving up cash for the truck rather than make payments.
  4. I want to buy a 2014-2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 High Country or LTZ CC in white diamond tricoat or iridescent pearl. I'm an incel living with my parents LMAO jk, so I'm saving up cash. I want to pay cash for the truck if I can find one for under $28,000. Before I burn $28,000 of my hard earned money, what are the major, salary-garnishing problems do I need to look out for when buying these trucks? I hear alot of bashing on these trucks on youtube from everyday owners to much-respected youtube mechanic, Scotty Kilmer. Very sure y'all know who he is. I much rather hear from you guys who own t
  5. I'm an avid DIYer when it comes to simple ratchet and wrenches swap on parts. I like the jump seat so I can have my lady right at my side with no obstuction Yes, I'm sure Chevy truck guys would go bananas for that high country console.
  6. true, I believe most would do the opposite of what I want to do. Just like the jump seat better. Yours is very nice I can see you blacked out the B pillars to make it look like a GM K2 SUV style.
  7. Strongly considering buying a 2014 Chevy Silverado High Country. I see that its a much better purchase than a new Silverado. It has everything I could possibly want in a Chevy truck. I seen a few that are under 75K miles at $26-28K which is very good value considering that is depreciated over half of its brand new "sticker" price. When I purchase it I want to do the following: Paint the front grille black and the headlight plastict trim. Replace stock rims with blacked out "Redline Edition" rims Blacked out handles and related trime. Those seem fairly easy to do. Her
  8. I've been searching across auto trader and any car buying website for a K2 pickup in either GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado. I've noticed the SLE Sierra will feature the "leather stitched" dash pad found on LTZ and higher up Silverados. It would also feature woodgrain trim on the panel and even chrome window trim. Really impressive for a mid-level trim truck! But of course we are Chevy troglodytes still owing our affection to the bowtie so we rather get a Silverado instead lol but anyways, is the GMC Sierra more bang for the buck than a Silverado?
  9. I've been looking at American classic cars in the 60s and they have high appreciated value as of today. Of course people back then didn't predict what the 21st century would bring so they probably either sold their 60s car to a new owner and God knows what that 2nd owner did or trade it in for a new car during that era. Many people who found old, original classic Chevrolet like the 64 Impala for example, would restore it nicely and have it appraised at $50,000 or more. With that being said, do y'all think that in the future, will a 1999-2006 Silverado truck be worth alot of money if original o
  10. Are the 2002 Escalde climate control head unit knobs interchangeable with the 1999-2002 GMT800 trucks' climate control unit?
  11. I'm high considering buying a 2000-2002 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT extended cab, 5.3 2WD or 4x4 Z71. Most of the ones I want are fairly affordable like under $5,000, but most are high mileage like over 150,000 miles. I want to buy one for a project truck and just a fun truck overall.
  12. Thank you for the info. I thought they were good enough for the self-defense, but after getting input from you guys, they're not. I'll just use them up at the range later on and get some good quality self-defense rounds.
  13. I'm went to a gun shop and bought these Winchester .45 ACP, 230 grain, ammo. They have that "personal protection" label on it, which makes me think they are made for the job. Usually, most hollow-point, self-defense rounds are usually in boxes of 20 rounds and sold at a price of $25 or more. These are 50 rounds and and cost close to about $36.00. Seems like a bang for the buck, eh gov'nah? LOL but anyway, can these bullets really protect or they good for target practice and I got ripped off? Tell me what you think..I can't post a pic for some reason but anway, they are the white Winchester box
  14. Oh hell yeah, I know for sure you guys can go on and on about guns, me too! But it wouldn't bother to ask if anyone here plays the piano, I know I have been doing so for over 13 years. And to snakeeyes, i am very positive I would get a ton of responses on piano playing topic from Toyota forum, since most Toyota owners are "pianists", a term used in place of racial term, which I know, is extremely unacceptable here on gm-trucks.com, but we all are humans and we all have GM trucks. But anyway good to know you played piano before Ryan.
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