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  1. 2017 Silverado 1500

    Punctuation is your friend..... Shakey
  2. De-Chrome Front Lip

    I assume you took it off, so how hard is that?
  3. Who's got the Blues?

    Very nice. Welcome to the forum. Shakey
  4. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Very nice. Love the color. Shakey
  5. Hey, if your guy can get a better price than the 250.00 I see out there on the net, why not hook a brotha up......... Shakey
  6. Looking forward to seeing pics. Shakey
  7. Front air dam removal?

    Here is mine with the lower removed.
  8. Front air dam removal?

    I don't remember hearing about snow in the sunshine state this year..........
  9. Front air dam removal?

    My truck is lifted AND I took the air dam off. Win/Win Shakey
  10. Another CAI question

    Gas mileage aside, how do you like the S&B. That is the one I have considered. Shakey
  11. Yes, I sold it locally.
  12. Another CAI question

    That's a pretty impressive improvement. Not saying you are fibbing, but if everyone could get those numbers, it would be a no brainer. Shakey
  13. Either you are joking or you don't understand. I can only explain it thusly. In my area, paint correction alone on something as big as a GM truck would run you about 600-700. Add the ceramic coating process and that figure seems reasonable to me. Shakey
  14. Front air dam removal?

    Just did mine yesterday (lower portion only), but forgot to snap a pic. Will try to get one this afternoon. Clearly looks better to me. Shakey

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