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  1. I checked out their website, very interesting. Looks like a quality product and the installation seems pretty easy. I will add this to the wish list...... Shakey
  2. Now that looks like ass. Sorry, somebody had to say it.....
  3. Welcome to the forum. You really like you some chrome, now don't ya....... Shakey
  4. Congrats on the new truck. But I don't know how anyone could look at those two pictures and prefer the 2019 (on looks alone). Shakey
  5. Seriously? Nickelodean Green? I guess there's no accounting for taste, smh.........
  6. You might want to include a little more detail in the thread title. "2016 Silverado" could mean a myriad of things and you'll get better response if you briefly state what you want to do. Shakey
  7. I think you can do all the speeding you desire w/o a tuner. Shakey
  8. It sucks that it happened to you. But you aren't entirely blameless. If you don't want door dings, don't park near anyone. Walk an extra 100 ft. (more if necessary), it's good for you. People that try to get as close to the front door of Walmart (not saying this is you) sort of get what they get. Any jackass in a 2001 Saturn will end up next to you and they don't give two s&*ts about their car, so they give less than that for yours. Just sayin.......... Shakey PS Just reread your OP. I guess you did try to get away from the crowd. Maybe it wasn't far enough......
  9. But I'm not talking about the title as much as the carfax report. I thought most repair shops reported to them? A title is not going to reflect anything unless the vehicle has been salvaged. Shakey
  10. Yes, but unfortunately he still takes a hit on the resale value, which sucks. Shakey
  11. In mid-April? That's just plain wrong.... Shakey
  12. Agreed. I always park where someone would have to be an intentional "dick" to get next to me. Walking is good for you. And I never have ANY door dings on my cars. People are just idiots, especially when they are driving a shitbox. And sometimes even when they're not. Shakey
  13. Man, you need to find better parking spaces........... Shakey
  14. That's a good looking truck. Where did you get those Grand Sport type hash marks? Shakey
  15. So are we to assume this is an example of the notorious "California Lean"? Shakey
  16. Will look good once you've saved up $$ for the rest of the lift and the front bumper.........
  17. Thanks. I really like that copper inset. Looks good on your truck, and I think it might look good on my blue one too. Shakey
  18. There are some around here that love that look. Me? I think it looks stupid.......... Shakey
  19. I was a little surprised too. But one guy was a BMW master mechanic and I was inquiring about a 335i I had at the time. That said, it didn't diminish my respect for him because he was a BMW fanatic through and through and I continued to take my car to him until I sold it. Shakey
  20. I've asked two very reputable mechanics in my area what they thought of a catch can for DI engines. Neither of them had ever heard of it. Shakey
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